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The next morning, Anna hoisted herself in a fresh pair of light jeans and a blue-and-white striped blouse, and prepared herself for another trip to Los Angeles. Sitting at home obviously wasnít doing her any good, and with all this time on her hands, she might as well resume her apartment search. Her new job was starting within the month and she couldnít very well sleep under a bridge, after all. Maybe today would turn out to be her lucky day.
When she stopped for lunch after another unsuccessful morning, Anna took out her phone almost automatically. No new messages. She felt like Tom had given up on her. Of course, she could also send him something herself, but it felt a little too late for that. Too much time had passed to pretend nothing had happened. With a deep sigh, she opened a new draft, selecting the recently added Bill in her contact list. As she began typing, her mind wondered at the wonderful irony of it all.
Anna: Hi Bill, Iím in LA for apartment hunting today. You guys mind if I stop by tonight?
She didnít have to wait long for her response.
Bill: Hey Anna! No of course not. Weíre throwing a little party so it might be crowded. Iíll add you to the invitation list! (:
She had half a mind to back-pedal; she wasnít ready for a party, wasnít ready to be again part of the population that had mindless and irresponsible fun. Yet, she forced herself to shove the phone back in her purse and refocus on her pancakes with blueberries. Tom had done so much for her. Now she would just have to do this small thing for him.

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  • xissuesx

    Aaww leuke shoutout! <3 Weer een leuk stukje, schrijf snel verder.

    2 jaar geleden
  • kilalala

    Ze moet sowieso gaan!

    2 jaar geleden
  • VampireMouse

    Goed bezig!! Lets go to that party

    2 jaar geleden

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