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When Anna arrived at the Kaulitz residence that evening, she knew Bill had made a horrendous understatement. Most of the driveway, as well as fifty feet in both directions of the street in front of their house was packed with cars. The expensive, show-off kind. When she made her way to the door, she could hear loud music and the sound of voices and laughs of many dozens if not hundreds of people. Through one of the front windows, she caught sight of a few of them: all young, pretty, scantily dressed women, and men in seemingly simple polo shirts and kakis that probably cost more than she earned at the diner in a month’s time. Looking down at her simple jeans and blouse, Anna found herself frowning. This seemed to become a habit of hers, showing up underdressed anytime. She couldn’t even count the times that she had shown up in her waitressing outfit anymore. At least this time she wasn’t donning the horrible yellow-and-white combination.
Once inside, she crossed the rooms that she had come to know pretty well – but looked completely different now that they were filled to the brim with people – in hopes of finding a familiar face among the crowd. It appeared that, while she had no luck finding a job, at least luck seemed to be on her side somewhat, for it was just then that she stumbled upon Georg in the kitchen. With noticeable relief, she made her way over to him.
‘Georg!’ She shouted, having to strain her voice to be audible over the loud music.
‘Oh hi, Anna! I didn’t know you would be here. Are you enjoying the party?’
She attempted a smile, but knew she must look utterly unhappy. ‘It’s very nice. Say, I was…-‘
‘Anna!’ A hand softly touched her shoulder and she turned to find it was Bill, holding a cocktail in his right hand. He was dressed a bit more extravagantly than when he had showed up at her house the other day, and his dark hair was slicked back rather than hanging loosely around his head like it had that evening, but overall he looked very nice. Teenage Anna had been on to something when she had made googly eyes at her Bill posters. ‘How have you been?’
‘Good, thanks. Decided to follow a friend’s advice,’ she managed a smile. ‘How are you?’
‘Oh you know,’ he waved his drink a bit, causing the liquid inside to come dangerously close to spilling over the edge, then smiled sheepishly, ‘Tipsy.’
‘So I see. Do you happen to know where I can find your brother?’
‘Tom?’ He sounded alarmed, but at the time Anna didn’t notice over the loud music.
‘Unless you have another brother than I don’t know about?’
‘He’s in the backyard,’ Georg helpfully supplied, as he poured himself a bit of orange juice from a bottle in the refrigerator. Thank heavens at least someone was sober.
‘Oh no Anna, you can’t…-‘ Bill started, but Anna was already out of earshot, making her way into the garden.

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  • TimothyMcGee

    Uh-oh... D:

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  • kilalala

    Ik denk dat ze iets gaat zien wat ze niet wilt zien.

    2 jaar geleden
  • xissuesx

    Waarom heb ik zo'n gevoel dat Tom daar met een ander meisje is? 😂 Snel verder schrijven hoor! 😘

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