Thank you to xissuesx, kilalala, VampireMouse, and Fielding for reviewing Scene XI! And you already guessed it, this cannot end well...

The garden behind the house was even larger than the one in the front, contained a decent-sized swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen, and a small gazebo at the back – and it was all completely packed with people. As she looked around, Anna considered what she was going to say. Should she just apologise and leave the rest for another time? Should she explain her behaviour to him? She thought of the wedding invitation that still sat in her purse, and how she had planned to ask him to be her date. Perhaps it would be better if she first pulled him away to somewhere a bit more private, before she dumped her troubles on him. That way, at the very least her personal struggles would not end up in tomorrow’s issue of People’s magazine.
That is when she spotted him. Seated on a small bench a little to the side of the gazebo. Properly pissed*, with a girl in his lap that he was undressing with his eyes. Anna averted her eyes from the spectacle, and turned away from her friend and his next shag**. As she marched back into the house, she heard him calling her name, but she did not turn back. All the while, she felt the wedding invitation burn in her purse. What a terribly silly girl she was.

* pissed = British for drunk
** shag = British for (meaningless) sex partner

Reacties (4)

  • TimothyMcGee

    Naja na zo lang geen contact is t logisch dat Tom op den duur wel verder gaat. Anna heeft namelijk nooit gezegd dat ze meer wil dan vriendschap. Wat heel logisch is. En Tom zal t dus ook vast zo denken, dat t niets zal/kan worden met Anna.

    Zucht. Communicatie, communicatie, communicatie. En nu is Anna niet al te happy en Tom is vast verbaasd om Anna te zien.
    Ga praten beiden. Nu.(cat)

    Pretty please._O_

    2 jaar geleden
  • kilalala

    Ik hoop dat Tom achter haar aan kom of haar opzoek als hij nuchter is. Hij heeft haar in ieder geval gezien

    2 jaar geleden
  • xissuesx

    I'm gonna slap that boy in his face real hard. Ga snel verder meis! <3

    2 jaar geleden
  • Eleonora

    Gho langs de ene kant vind ik het erg voor haar maar langs de andere kant snap ik Tom ook wel.
    Ik denk dat hij gewoon zo iets heeft van met Anna wordt het nooit iets...

    2 jaar geleden

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