Many thanks to kilalala and Eleonora for reviewing the previous piece.
This is the last scene of Act III, and after that we only have one Act left!!

Anna wasn’t sure how long they had sat in silence, Bill slowly tracing patterns on her back with his long fingers as she gazed at the opposite wall, while the party continued outside the safety of the room. It could have been minutes. Or hours. To Anna it felt like an eternity. And then the moment was broken all of a sudden when a knock sounded on the door.
‘This is a private room,’ Bill called out, forcing as much authority in his voice as he could muster.
‘I know. I was wondering if you had seen Anna. I saw her outside but then she just disappeared. I think she saw… Did you see her?’ It was Tom – and Anna begged Bill with her eyes not to betray her hiding spot.
‘You can’t keep running from him; it’s not going to do either of you any good,’ Bill reasoned softly with her. Then, in a louder voice, ‘She’s in here. Hold on, let me unlock the door.’
And just like that, the warm spot beside her on the sofa was vacated, and Tom now stood beside his younger twin, looking at the sad figure that was her. As Bill excused himself, Tom sat himself on the sofa beside her. ‘Are you all right?’ He inquired carefully, and she painfully noticed he did not touch her like he usually did. She was unsure whether she was relieved or sad about that fact. ‘I didn’t know you would come tonight.’
‘Neither did I until this afternoon…’
Silence fell over them again, and Anna tried to inconspicuously wipe away the last remnants of tears from her eyes. So much had changed since the last time they had spoken, and she felt like she had too much and nothing at all to say to him at the same time.
‘I’m sorry about…-‘
‘I didn’t mean…-‘
They both started at the same time, then Anna gestured for him to continue.
Tom sighed heavily. ‘I am sorry about what happened… in the yard.’
‘You don’t have to apologise to me,’ Anna spoke reasonably, though the words sounded fake even to her own ears. ‘We’re friends, nothing more. It’s no business of mine who you are and aren’t seeing.’
‘I know that,’ he sounded almost bitter at the admission. ‘I just want you to know it doesn’t mean anything.’
Anna nodded, then, in an attempt to leave the uncomfortable topic behind, she pulled the invitation from her purse and wordlessly handed it to him. ‘I actually came to give you this. I know it’s a bit short notice. She was my best friend in high school and I feel like I can’t turn it down. Nevertheless, I would feel much better if I wasn’t going alone.’ When she looked up in his eyes, she found them already fixed on her, and she pulled strength from those warm brown depths. ‘Will you come with me?’
His reply was immediate, his brown eyes never straying from hers. ‘Anywhere you want me to.’

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    3 jaar geleden
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    Mooi geschreven ben benieuwd wat er in de volgende akte gebeurd.

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    Nog maar 1 act:(maar ik weet zeker dat ik het met plezier ga lezen! Echt een geweldig verhaal!

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      En daarna gewoon een vervolg??? Wil niet dat het stopt. ):

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    Zo. Meer woorden heb ik niet._O_

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