Rhine looks around the living room with a satisfied smile curled up around the corners of his mouth. All of his closest friends are here and the topics of discussion are interesting, marvelous and perceptive. Although Rhine is drinking a diet coke, he thinks about switching to wine. Nothing would go wrong with a single glass of wine, right? Rhine just needs to make sure that he keeps it with that one, single glass of wine without getting ahead of himself deciding to drown out the entire bottle.
      While nodding at something Alden is telling their group, Rhine leans over to reach out a coaster at Preston who just got himself a new drink. Preston thanks him and puts his glass in the middle of the coaster, making feel Rhine even more content.
      'Of course, but if you own your own body you can illegally sell your own organs as property — that's just way too fucked up.'
      'If I wanna sell my kidney, I'll fuckin' decide that shit myself — right? Ain't nobody gunna say what I can n' can't do with my own shit.
      During Grimms words Rhine almost feels his cheeks turning a new shade of red that isn't discovered before because it's just too bright. Grimms friends were late — as usual — so now Rhine's roommate feels the urge to join in in the conversation of him and his friends, awful. Rhine wishes he could just disappear inside of the couch, so his friends won't look at him with compassion. And then Grimm winks at him, making Rhine's insides turn into rubber within a matter of seconds. Rhine straights his back.
      'The law is the law, Grimm. You can’t fight the law.'
      'Ya say that, but it's quite obvious that ya can kinda fight that law. If we couldn't, we woulda still have rules that're irrelevant and unchanged. Besides, didn't they already become more lenient, 'cause I can sell my body to science — can't I, King?'
      Rhine's mouth is falling wide open after Grimms words, knowing damn well that his roommate is just luring him outside of his comfort zone so the two of them can have another bicker. Rhine is in luck, though — because Grimms focus shifts towards his phone and his caveman friend. Just sitting on the couch, Rhine can hear the roar of Grimms friend through the small speaker.
      'Your roommate is a disgrace, Rhine.'
      Rhine nods while sighing, looking towards Alden with a pleading expression. Alden had offered Rhine a room in his apartment sometimes, but Rhine turned it down — not knowing the reason behind that. Grimm irritates Rhine a lot, but sometimes it's almost fun to live with him. Shaking, Rhine decides to focus on the topic of discussion that's shifting towards a new intern at the office — a girl. Rhine notices quiet soon that he can't concentrate, because his mind is awaiting the arrival of Grimms so called friends. Rhine looks up at Grimm, standing at the door. Grumbling, he stands up and walks over towards his roommate.
      'Grimm. Your friends are going to keep low, isn't it?'
      Rhine thinks back at the last time all of their friends where at the apartment and the fact that his friends were bullied. Rhine was furious, but knew he couldn't do something about it. Sometimes it feels like high school all over again.
      'Just, keep them in check and. . .'
      Rhine is interrupted with a roaring sound and all of the sudden he's washed over with a handful of big men. Rhine stumbles back a bit, feeling a lot of smacks on his back, neck and shoulders. Rhine's cheeks are red as a tomato again, with him not liking the attention and touching. When he sees that Grimms friends walk into the kitchen, he relaxes just a little bit.
      'And don't let them touch the good wine again — those bottles cost a fortune. I might take a glass later, but that's it. Understood, Grimm? Please, I just want to have a nice, quiet evening with friends because I had a stressful week at internship.'
      Rhine looks towards Grimm with a pleading look on his face, knowing he looks a bit exhausted. When he hears glass shatter in the kitchen, Rhine feels his shoulder sagging. Just like he said: cavemen.

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