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They arrived in Seattle one day before the actual wedding, and after dropping of their baggage at the hotel, decided to make the most out of their mini-holiday. Although it was sunny out, the air was still chill and so they dressed appropriately – Tom of course complaining about the cold every step of the way.
Despite his initial complaints, he soon fell quiet as she led him through the streets and alleys of the city that she knew so well, pointing out landmarks and places that held memories for her along the way. For Anna, it was a bit strange being here, walking through the scenes of her youth. Her entire life had been ahead of her the last time she was here; she’d had not a clue as to what she wanted to do with her life, and that made it all the more interesting because everything had been possible. Little had she known how soon her life would be caught in a whirlwind. She would move to Sacramento, meet Ian, go to the university, get engaged, lose Ian, graduate from university, move to Santa Barbara, and then by some chance meet Tom. It was funny how, if you put it that way, Ian’s death was only one of many chapters in life – and it caused her spirits to lift a little.
‘So how are you enjoying Seattle, Mister Kaulitz?’
He chuckled, looking down at her as she had looped her arm through his. ‘Very much. In fact, much more than the last time I was here.’
‘It feels like a lifetime ago,’ Anna mused, thinking back on one of their first – and last – Skype conversations. She had been a completely different person then. And he… he had been the frontman of a rock band that she had had a crush on in adolescence. ‘At the time I had never thought I would ever meet you in real life. Nor did I want to, for that matter.’
Tom smiled, ‘I’m glad you changed your mind.’
‘As am I.’

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    Zo ben weer helemaal bij met lezen
    Wat gedoe allemaal bij ze
    Hoop dat nu goede kant Ko gaat

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