I was just as surprised as my friends when I heard from them that Brian and Dowoon weren’t at school. First I was worried that something bad had happened, but then concluded that they were probably just skipping school. After school, Jae went up to me and told me that they were just sick.

When I was home, I decided that it was time for me to go and do something about my empty wallet. I knew that I couldn’t just go and ask my parents for more money, but it kept getting more and more broke because of the boxing lessons and more or less having a social life now. Maybe it was time for me to finally start looking for a job.
I opened my laptop and spend a good hour looking for jobs. No difficult jobs, or full-time ones. After searching, I was sighed up for three different jobs. One where I had to clean dishes in a restaurant on Monday and Wednesday. I decided to make Thursday my day off, and planned the other jobs on Friday, and Sunday. Friday was delivering pizza, and on Sunday I needed to walk around as a mascot in an amusement park. And of course, on Tuesday and Saturday, I had boxing practice.

The first job to start with, was the mascot one on Sunday. Unfortunately, it was a really warm day, and I had to walk around in that suffocating, hot suit all day. It was still fun in the beginning, but I grew tired of it after half an hour. Of course I still had to act cute and cheerful towards the children, but it was getting harder and harder because I was so tired and hot.
It was five minutes before my lunch break, when I saw two familiar faces walking towards me. I wanted to shout their names and wave, but knew I couldn’t. Luckily, the two males stopped and let the little girl they had with them hug me.
‘Sungjin, Namjoon.’, I hissed. They both looked up in surprise, confused about who said their names. ‘It’s me, Jin. In the suit.’ ‘What are you doing inside of there?’, Sungjin asked with a grin. ‘Just earning some extra money. Who’s this girl you have with you?’ Sungjin smiled. ‘My little cousin. I had to babysit her for today, so Namjoon and I went to do something fun with her. Well, good luck with it.’ ‘Wait. I have a lunch break in two minutes.’ Sungjin looked at Namjoon and then at the little girl. ‘I wanna go to the playground~’, the little girl sang. Namjoon patted Sungjins shoulder. ‘Bring her to the playground. I’ll stay with Jin and see you around when his break is over, ok?’ ‘Sure, have fun.’ Sungjin waved and let us alone.
I took Namjoon to the little ‘staff only’ room where I was allowed to take my break. ‘Could you unzip me?’, I asked, turning my back to him so he could free me from my hot suit. ‘Of course.’, he chuckled.
I felt so free when I was out of my hot and sweaty suit. Namjoon examined my face with a worried expression. ‘You look very hot.’, he mumbled. ‘In temperature!’, he quickly added. ‘Here, have some water.’ He handed me a bottle of water and I tugged it all down at once. ‘How much longer do you have to work today?’ ‘Three hours.’, I sighed. ‘Hmm, maybe you should ask your boss if you are allowed to take more breaks in between then. It’s not healthy walking around in such a hot suit for that long.’ I hummed in response.
‘So, what made you choose to take this job?’ I fidgeted with the strings on my hoodie. ‘Um...’, I mumbled. ‘I didn’t really have enough money to pay for boxing practice... So I signed up for this job, and two others.’ Namjoon nodded. ‘Ah, I see. I’m actually working at a restaurant too. Cleaning dishes and such..’ ‘Hey, what’s the name of that restaurant?’, I asked. Namjoon told me the name and I couldn’t keep a grin off my face. ‘Then I see we’ll be working together soon.’ Namjoon raised his eyebrows and gave me a surprised smile back. ‘Oh, you’re the new employee my boss told me about?’ ‘I guess.’ ‘When do you start working?’ ‘Tomorrow.’ ‘Well, see you tomorrow, then. I think I should get back to Sungjin and his little cousin.’ He stood up, but froze in the door opening. ‘Oh by the way, Jin?’ ‘Yes?’ ‘Are you free tonight?’ ‘Why? Are we going out again?’ Namjoon nodded, hesitated, and then shook his head. ‘Kind of, but not really. Just us two. I got invited to some kind of underground party, and I don’t want to go alone.’ ‘Why me?’, I asked with a blush on my cheeks. The boy shrugged. ‘Sungjin still needs to babysit, and Jae and Brian are visiting some old friends. And Wonpil and Dowoon are too young too for parties like these. I’m not letting Dowoon near alcohol again. Besides, you’re a cool guy.’ I nodded. ‘How late do I see you then?’ ‘I’ll come and pick you up at ten if that’s cool. I think I can find my way to your home.’ ‘Okay, see you there, hyung.’ I quickly covered my mouth. ‘I mean... I don’t really know if you’re my hyung, actually. We’re both eighteen..’ Namjoon smiled and shrugged. ‘It’s okay, I don’t mind. Just call me whatever you want to call me.’ I nodded and said: ‘Okay, hyung.’ not wanting to ask for his birthday to confirm wether he was actually my hyung. I waved at the maybe-younger-maybe-older boy. He looked older than me, though.

A bit nervously, I opened the door for Namjoon and greeted him. Immediately when Namjoon saw me, he started chuckling. ‘Why are you laughing?’, I asked anxiously. ‘I really don’t want to offend you, but were you really planning on wearing that to the party?’ I blushed deep red and started down at my feet, feeling ashamed. ‘Don’t get me wrong, I think your fashion sense is great. But it’s not very suitable for this party.’ He laughed and said: ‘You’ll probably get kidnapped after being in for two seconds. But don’t worry about it, I already expected you to dress up cutely, so I brought some clothes with me.’ I pouted and Namjoon laughed again.
I did have to admit that I looked rather innocent and childish compared to Namjoon. His hair looked messy, but had a hot look to it. He had black, leather pants on. They were also ripped at the knees. On his body, he was wearing a loose, creamy white t-shirt. I looked like a complete middle-schooler next to him. I was wearing grey jeans and a plain, pastel blue t-shirt. Namjoon wiggled his eyebrows, smirked, and said: ‘Let’s make you hot.’

‘Hyung...’, I mumbled when coming out of the bathroom in the clothes Namjoon had brought with him for me. ‘I don’t feel comfortable in this. I look weird...’ ‘What are you talking about!? You look fucking amazing!’ I blushed and looked down, still not very sure about all of it. I was wearing skinny black jeans, also ripped, but with more holes than Namjoons, exposing way more of my pale skin. I had to admit that I quite liked the tank top I was wearing, besides from it being sinfully revealing. It was black, but it looked like it was covered in splashes of colorful paint. The only thing that I didn’t like was how the collar was very deep, and the armholes seemed to be cut out so far down that it showed my ribs and looked like it was made for a person with six arms instead of two. It also had a see-through stripe in the middle, revlealing a bit of my stomach through the black fabric.

‘Turn around.’, Namjoon commanded. I obeyed and turned my back to him. A shiver went down my spine when I felt cold metal touching my neck. In the mirror, I saw Namjoon putting a chain around my neck as a kind of choker necklace. ‘With or without choker?’, he asked. ‘Without.’, I immediately said. ‘It looks good on you, though.’ I shrugged. ‘I don’t like it.’ ‘Without it is, then.’ He put it back in his bag. ‘Let’s go?’ ‘Yes, let’s.’

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