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When she woke up the next morning to the sound of her alarm, her phone had nearly exploded from the number of missed calls and unread messages – all of which, she noted with amusement, were from Bill. She opened the first one.
Bill: I am so glad you finally decided to be sensible.
Anna rolled her eyes at the text, then put her phone back on the nightstand. She would respond later. Or maybe tomorrow. From the look of his other texts, he was being a little bit too nosy – and too impatient. Perhaps she would leave him to stew in it for a bit. Pulling herself out of bed with difficulty, she went to take a shower before going down for breakfast. She was still feeling a bit sleepy and a good shower would wake her right up. That, and she wanted to put off seeing Tom as long as possible.
Being sure of her emotions and her decision to give a new relationship a try, one would think that would be the end of it. Unfortunately, Anna was a famous worrywart, and even with her emotions and decisions clear, she still had a million of other things to worry herself over. One of them being the err… more physical aspects of what a relationship would entail. It had been almost a year since the last time she had been intimate with someone, could hardly remember how it felt to be touched by someone in a non-casual way. Ever since Ian’s death, she had not only closed herself off from the world emotionally, but also physically, and it was sad to think that the last kiss she had received – the birthday kiss from Josh not included – had been pressed on her forehead by her mother before leaving for Santa Barbara, over half a year ago.
She looked down at her body as she stood under the warm water, tracing some of the scars and stretchmarks with her fingers. At one point in their relationship, Ian had known every flaw there had been on her body, had kissed each of them and had told her how he loved every inch of her – and had shown her. It felt strange to suddenly be so vulnerable again. What did Tom think of her? Did he think she was beautiful? Would he kiss every scar on her skin like Ian had? Did she want him to? She wasn’t a young and insecure girl anymore and after all that had happened over the past year, her worst scars were not on her body, but her heart. Perhaps she did not need him to kiss the scars of her body, if only he could accept the mental scars.
‘Anna?’ His voice cut through her musings and the sound of falling water, and by how soft and far-away it sounded, she could only guess he was standing out on the hallway. ‘Are you almost done? I am starving.’
A smile flitted across her lips. It was Tom. And somehow when it came to him there was no doubt in her mind that he would take her exactly as she was. Scars and all. ‘I’ll be right out!’

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  • TimothyMcGee

    Maak het nou officieeheeellll. Zoen noouuuu._O_

    2 jaar geleden
  • Eleonora

    zo mooi!! ik ben zo blij dat zij hem een kans gaat geven!
    Jij schrijft heel mooi!!:)

    2 jaar geleden

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