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A second passed in which Anna entertained the idea of fleeing. She could just disappear into the crowd, pretend she did not know the British lady that was looking for her daughter. Then she sighed, replacing the look of horror on her face with one a bit more neutral, and turned back around. ‘Mom, Dad. It’s so good to see you.’ She moved in to hug her mother and give her a kiss on the cheek, before doing the same with her father. ‘I hadn’t expected to find you here.’
‘Well naturally, dear. You didn’t forget I worked together with Richard for five years, now did you?’ Richard being the father of Kate. Yes, yes she had forgotten. If Anne had thought it even the tiniest bit possible to run into her parents this evening, she may have decided to skip the wedding after all. No matter if she had dragged Tom halfway across the country for it. Tom. Her stomach turned and she sneaked a glance at him from the corner of her eye. He was looking admirably composed for someone who was suddenly thrown into this situation – far more composed than she was no doubt looking herself.
‘Are you not going to introduce us, dear?’ This time it was his father, and he was giving her that slightly amused look that he'd usually reserved for times when she had been trying to bullshit herself out of difficult situations.
‘Of course,’ she replied, a bit too quickly, cleaning her throat. ‘Err, Tom, these are my mother and father, Molly and Ewan. Mom, Dad, this is Tom, my …’
‘Friend, a friend of Anna. It’s nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs.…-‘
‘Boyfriend. Mom, Dad, I want to introduce you to Tom Kaulitz, my boyfriend.’
‘Your what?’
‘Kaulitz you say?’ Her father interrupted his wife, and he cracked a smile at her expense. ‘Say Anna, wasn’t that the name of that boy whose face lined the walls of bedroom some years ago? The one with the black hair and makeup.’
‘That would have been my brother, Bill.’
‘That’s it! I thought it sounded familiar. Well glad that mystery is solved,’ Ewan looked around. ‘Now let’s find some more booze, Molly. This party is so dull I’m afraid I will not survive without. Let’s leave the young people to their evening.’
Taking that as her permission to leave, Anna quickly grabbed Tom’s hand and was about to continue her flight when her father called her back.
He gave her another hug, and then held her at arm’s length. ‘Don’t let it take you another half a year and a surprise meeting at a wedding to come and see your old folks, okay?’
‘And bring the boy. Your mother will never forgive me if she doesn’t get to properly interrogate him – or you for that matter. Promise?’
‘Promise. I love you, Dad.’
‘Love you too, darling.’

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