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The walk back to the hotel was silent, but it was a different silence than had hung between them the previous night. It was odd how much could change in just a day’s time. Only yesterday, Anna had taken the leap. Only this morning, she had been questioning that decision. Now, with her fingers entwined with Tom’s, it had never felt more right. Yet, of course, she knew this change hadn’t happened overnight. Rather, it had been a continuous process all starting from the very point that she decided to reach out and ask for help – even if it was only to a childhood idol whom she had never even really expected to read, let alone respond to her letter. Were she to have told herself back then that it would lead to this, she wouldn’t have believed one word of it. Nor would she have wanted to.
‘I’m glad you were with me today,’ Anna admitted in the elevator. They were leaning against the side, and in the mirror against the back wall, she could see a sweet smile spread across his lips.
‘As am I. It was very enlightening,’ he joked, and his smile turned cocky and teasing. Oh, those lips…
She grew red as a tomato, and was happy that just then they reached the floor their rooms were located on. They strolled the last few feet to the neighbouring doors in silence, Anna mentally cursing her high heels every step of the way, and then they came to a stop in the same spot they had last night. She was about to search her purse for her key card when a warm hand softly touched her chin and tipped her face upwards. Her brows were slightly furrowed, a question on the tip of her tongue, when Tom slowly leaned forward and gently pressed his lips against her own. It lasted only a moment, and before she had full realised what was happening, he had pulled back. Meanwhile, she was feeling weak in the knees, her heart was beating so loud she feared it would jump out of her chest, and her eyes were as wide as those of a deer in headlights.
‘Good night, Anna.’ And he disappeared. Just like last night. Darn him.

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    hahahaha:)Tom weet hoe hij de dingen moet aanpakken:)

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