Rhine feels his panic growing when he hears the multiple shattering sounds coming out of the kitchen, followed with Grimms loud roars about keeping it down. Goddamn, who'd want friends like that? Rhine just feels the disdain radiating from his group of friends (from work), who're no doubt gossiping about the caveman that just came barging into their appartment. Rhine knows that all of his friends are disgusted with the lot of them. Altough Briar seemed to have a strange interest in some of Grimms teammates, an interest that sometimes shifts to Grimm himself — which makes Rhine confused, furious and jealous.
      Rhine wakes up from his own thoughts when Grimm steps closer — too close. Grimm knows how to violate someone's personal space, something Rhine struggles with most of the time. Now he feels himself getting red again, just due to the fact that Grimms is so close to himself that he can see a couple of freckles underneath his ear. Rhine hadn't noticed them before, but he likes them nonetheless — he likes them a lot. Rhine tries to count them, but tells himself to focus right after that.
      'You better moderate your wine consumption, Princess. You never know where too much might bring you this time.'
      Rhine feels goosebumps rising across his arms and chest when Grimm adjusts his collar, feeling his fingers stroke against his bare skin. Shivering, Rhine is glad when Grimm pulls back due to other shattering sounds from the kitchen. When Grimm walks towards his own friends, Rhine backs down against the wall and gives himself a few more seconds to get himself together. Grimm was confusing him more and more during the last period and Rhine didn't like it one bit.
      'Rhine, we'd like to have some more wine.'
      Rhine sighs and stands up straight — speaking of the Devil, Briar just walked around the corner and looks at him with a strange expression that makes Rhine think that Briar just wanted to see Grimm for a while. Huffing, Rhine walks past him and grabs a bottle of expensive red wine from one of the cabinets and stuffs it in Briars hands a little bit too hard without even blinking.
      'Hello Rhine, love the shirt. You look adorbs.'
      Rhine looks over to one of the girls that came with Grimms big group. Blinking, he decides that the compliment is genuine and not a joke. With a big smile, he looks down at his own shirt — the one he bought after several hours of strolling through a big, downtown, new warehouse. Rhine thinks it's beautiful and he's glad someone noticed it. Something his friends wouldn't to in a lifetime. Rhine sits down on the black couch, turning towards the girl who just complimented him. She's looking flirtatious, but Rhine doesn't feel attraction towards her — not a single bit. Well, she just isn't his kind of girl. Rhine never met a girl before that's his kind of girl, but whatever. She'll come.
      'You're dating someone, Rhine? Your friends all look cute.'
      Rhine blinks, a big questionmark across his face. He looks at the other girl who just asked the strange question, not being to speak aloud. When the girls starts laughing and whispering with her two friends around her, Rhine feels himself getting red again. What's to laugh about? When Grimm walks into the room, Rhine looks up in utter desperation.
      'What's that about? Rhine likes girls.'
      Within seconds Biar and the girl from the weird question are talking about boys and girls and the fact that heterosexuals aren't the standard. Rhine blinks, forcing the redness in his face to disappear. Rhine looks up to Grimm, feeling embarrassed due to the people around him.
      'I — I like girls,' he mumbles.

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