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Anna didn’t know how long she had stood there before she finally managed to put her jellified limbs into motion. She had dazedly opened the door to her room, dragged herself to the bathroom, stripped off her dress and underwear, and turned on the shower – and by the time her naked back was hit by the hot water her mind was still replaying the events that had just transpired. Short and chaste though it had been, Anna found herself reaching up to touch her lips again and again, the soft flesh still tingling from where it had made contact with Tom’s lips and scruffy beard. It had been the most innocent of kisses and she felt silly for being so affected by it, yet couldn’t help herself from obsessing over it – over him. When she turned off the shower and dried herself, she wondered how Tom would have experienced it. When she brushed her teeth, she wondered what he was doing at that moment. When she pulled on her pyjamas, she wondered if he slept in pyjamas or simply in his underwear. And when she lay in bed, wide-awake eyes staring at the ceiling, she suddenly realised that wondering was not going to be enough. She wanted to know. She wanted to know everything about him, from his favourite colour to the side of the bed he preferred to sleep on, to his first childhood memory to… everything. And she wasn’t going to find out laying in her own bed, staring at the ceiling, and thinking about what could have happened if he had taken the kiss a step further.
Determined, she rolled out of bed and padded out of the room. Before she could lose her nerve, she raised her hand and rapped on the neighbouring door. The hallway was completely silent and she wondered what time it was. They had not left the party terribly late, but it had been a fifteen-minute walk back to the hotel, after which she had languidly showered and gotten ready for bed. What if he was already asleep? What if he hadn’t meant anything by the kiss and had simply meant to wish her a good night?
Anna was about to turn back and return to her room when the door opened just a crack and Tom’s face appeared, his expression a bit confused – but luckily not seeming as if she had just awoken him. At recognising the person outside his room, he opened the door a bit further, revealing his bared chest and the dark blue boxers that hung lowly on his hips. ‘Anna? Is everything all r…-‘
Before he could even finish what he was about to say, Anna had wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down slightly, and tackled his lips with her own.

It took him all but a moment to catch up to what was happening, and when it did, she felt Tom’s arms circle her waist and pull her closer, his hands on her lower back, then on her hips, then on her arse. She arched into him, kissing him more fervently as her hands roamed through his hair. Somehow they managed to find themselves deeper into Tom’s room, the door shut behind them without either of them fully realising – or caring – how and when this had happened. Lips and hands were moving, desperate to discover and touch every inch of the other’s skin as if they might never have another chance to. When the back of Anna’s legs bumped against the foot of the bed, they finally broke up for air.
‘You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to kiss you like this,’ Tom managed to say inbetween heavy breaths, and he leaned his forehead against hers.
‘Just kissing?’
‘No,’ Tom admitted, and he looked down at her with a mischievous smile. ‘Not just kissing.’ As to further prove his point, he grabbed her hips and slowly grinded himself against her, making it impossible for her to miss the hardness in his suddenly-not-so-loose boxers.
‘Then let’s not leave it at just kissing,’ she proposed innocently, pressing featherlight kisses to the side of his neck.
‘We don’t have to. I can wait, if you’re not rea…-‘
For the second time that night she cut him off, this time by connecting both her lips and hips with his – and rolling the latter teasingly against his erection. When their naked bodies finally found the bed, they were quickly lost to the world – and in each other.

Author's note: For those of you who didn't read it: she did the do with you-know-who. (;

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    Oh damn, zooo intens. Ik kon me echt inbeelden hoe ze... weetikveel alles! Ik kon me de gehele scene inbeelden, en als ik eerlijk ben voel ik mijn hart minstens zo snel kloppen als die van hun!

    Door die laatste zin ging ik echt stuk tho XD

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    Oke, door die allerlaatste zin ben ik nu helemaal van mijn stuk gebracht.

    "She did the do with you-know-who"? Noooh, niet Hij-Die-Niet-Genoemd-Mag-Worden aka Tom Riddle aka Voldemort! Brrrr! 😂

    Maar je schrijft echt prettig! Ben benieuwd naar t volgende stuk en einde, maar ik heb het een heel leuk verhaal gevonden. 😊

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      Liever niet nee! Zou wel een interessante plottwist zijn, haha?

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    Gewoon doorgaan ^^
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    Wil de rest aub ook reageren zodat ik nog een deel kan lezen vandaag:)....

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