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Anna awoke early the next morning – and when she did, she wasn’t quite sure what had awoken her in the first place. The sun had only just found its way through the small crack in the crème-coloured curtains, and its light fell on the part of the bed where her legs lay entangled with the crème-coloured bedsheets – and with another pair of long-limbed legs. Sometime during the night her arms had wound themselves around Tom, her head nestled in that wonderful spot between his chest and his chin. She had listened as his breathing deepened into sleep and had then allowed the comforting rhythm to also guide her own mind into dreams. She sneaked a peak at Tom, and found him still fast asleep.
For what could have been five minutes, but might as well have been several hours, she just lay there, face propped up on her hand, and studied him. The way his eyebrows would draw together from time to time, the way his cute little nose twitched in his dreams, and how his lips parted just a tiny bit to let out a soft exhale of air, his piercing moving ever so softly with it. Memories from the previous night came back to her, memories of that mouth. And what he could do with it…
Anna felt herself growing red even as she averted her eyes and instead let her eyes – and one finger from her free hand – roam the expanse of his chest. He groaned softly, but didn’t wake at the touch. He was simply gorgeous. And he was hers.
With a smile, she carefully disentangled herself from him limb by limb, keeping a close watch on his face the entire time in case she would wake him. When she had finally managed to extricate herself from the bed, ready to go and take a refreshing shower, her eye fell on the hotel notepad and accompanying pen laying on the bedside table – and she smiled to herself. Taking both items, she seated herself at the little table in the corner.

When Tom awoke a good twenty minutes later, it was to a ray of sunlight colouring the insides of his eyelids orange, the sound of rushing water somewhere in the distance, and an empty bed. The events of the previous night soon came rushing back to him, and a smile overtook him as he realised that the water that he could hear was his shower. And Anna was in it. He allowed himself another moment in bed, revelling in the sheer contentment that he felt, before he finally forced himself to sit up. When he did, his eye fell on a folded piece of paper on his bedside table. Raising one eyebrow, he picked it up and let his eyes fall on the handwriting he had come to know so well.

April 19
Fairmont Olympic Hotel
Seattle, Washington

Hi Bill,

I figured it has been a while since I wrote to you, and I thought that perhaps you would like an update on my life these past few months.

I remember, when I first wrote to you, honestly feeling like I could never be whole again, like I would never get to live again. I was so scared and lost and confused – then again, I guess I don’t have to tell you because I wrote that letter to you. But you know what, it does get better, slowly, and I am glad I got to see that. However, I am getting ahead of myself. So back to what I was trying to say.

I met this amazing guy. He’s sweet, funny, and has kept me together at more times than I can count. He helped me to keep going on, to not give up, and for that alone I would have been forever grateful to him. However, he also taught me how to live again, to open myself up to people again, but above all to love again. And I do love him. I really do. Perhaps it is too soon to tell him of my true feelings, but if there’s one thing I have learned from the events of the past year it is that life can be short, and we should cherish every moment that we have with our loved ones.

Anyway, to keep this letter at a semi-acceptable length (and also because the amazing man I now call my boyfriend already startled me three times with his loud snoring), I shall conclude with this: if you, a famous singer in an internationally known rockband and one of my childhood idols, care to know, I’m doing well wonderful.


PS. Tom, if I still am in the shower by the time you finish reading this – and your ego has not grown too big to fit in the cubicle with me – feel free to join me.

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    Zo mooi geschreven! Echt geweldig!

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    Omg hoe cuteeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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    Oh... ik weet niet goed wat ik moet zeggen.
    Heel mooi geschreven... ik weet dat k in herhaling val maar toch, het is zo!!

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