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It was two weeks since the wedding, one-and-a-half week since she had moved in with Tom and Bill, a week since the brothers had left on tour, and one work week since she had started her new job. Today was a Saturday, the first one since starting as a psychologist, and Anna had decided to sleep in – until 11am; Bill would not have been impressed in the slightest. It was now 11.30, and after a quick shower she dressed in a loose sweatpants and one of Tom's shirts, and dragged herself towards the kitchen. She was just pouring herself a cuppa – coffee; tea was the answer to every problem not occurring before 12pm – when she heard the front door fall back in the lock loudly.
With a frown, she put down her mug on the counter and padded to the entrance hall on bare feet. Tom and Bill were not supposed to be home today – couldn't even be; they should be half-way across the country by now, as they had a show tonight in New York – and she couldn't think of anyone else who would have the key. Had a crazy fan picked the lock? Were they burglars?
She peaked around the corner, surprised to find a middle-aged woman standing there, a small olive green suitcase by her feet. Obviously not a burglar, Anna thought, and from the looks of it, not a fan either. That being as it was, there was something familiar about the woman, although Anna couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was. She was in the middle of studying the lady's face when suddenly two brown orbs met her gaze and the woman arched one of her eyebrows in question.
Anna cleared her throat awkwardly, wrapping her arms around her midsection as she stepped out further into the hallway. ‘Tom and Bill are not at home,’ she told the woman, because what else could she be here for?
‘I know that.’
Anna didn't know what to do with that answer. Instead, she shifted her balance to her other leg uncomfortably, then asked, ‘Can I help you, Mrs....?’
‘Kaulitz. Simone Kaulitz.’ As she said it, everything suddenly clicked for Anna; the familiarity, the accent – the fact that she owned a key to the house. At the same time, she felt herself grow a lovely shade of fire truck red, and she cursed herself mentally.
‘Talking about making a good first impression,’ she mumbled to herself, but apparently the woman – Simone… Tom’s mother – overheard, for the corners of her mouth briefly lifted in a smile that she recognised all too well. She shifted on her feet once again, painfully aware of the fact that she was meeting what could possibly be her future mother-in-law in an old sweatpants and a baggy shirt. This really was starting to become a habit of hers, she thought wryly, turning up to occasions underdressed.
‘I take it you’re Anna, then?’
‘Yes, excuse me,’ she quickly stepped forward, taking Simone’s extended hand, ‘It is very nice to meet you – albeit a bit unexpected… Tom did not mention you were coming to the States.’
‘It was a last-minute decision,’ she shrugged, ‘I figured that if I had to wait for my son to take the initiative I might be old and grey when at last he would introduce you to me.’
She nodded, a bit amused at this statement but not wishing to show it. Reminding herself of her manners, she waved to the kitchen. ‘Would you like some coffee? I just made some.’ At Simone’s nod, Anna led the way towards the kitchen and hid herself – and her outfit – behind the kitchen counter. While she poured another mug of coffee, she asked, ‘So Tom did tell you I moved in with them, then?’
‘No. Bill did,’ Simone said through pursed lips. ‘It’s a good thing at least one of my sons is a gossip or I wouldn’t hear about anything that goes on in their lives.’
This time Anna did laugh, if only because the tone of her voice, as well as the look on her face told her that Simone had annoyed herself about this fact many a time before. It was something she herself also recognised in her own interactions with the brothers; while she loved Tom, he was obviously as much a worry-wart as her, and more importantly someone who worried on the inside, and sometimes it was far easier to simply ask Bill what was wrong than wrestle the truth out of his older brother. On the other hand, being so open with his own emotions often made that Bill’s feelings escalated quickly, and a minor setback could grow into an insurmountable problem in the blink of an eye. In such moments, he needed Tom to ground him and to calm him down. In that way, she supposed they were like yin and yang, opposites that conflicted on more times than others, but that complemented the other on moments that really mattered. ‘I have a feeling you might be right there…’
‘You’re not at all what I had expected,’ Simone spoke suddenly and truthfully, her brown eyes meeting Anna’s green ones unapologetically. Perhaps it was the bluntness with which she said it, or maybe it was the way those brown eyes reminded her so much of the man she loved, but Anna did not feel at all offended by her words. Simone was right. She wasn’t Tom’s type.
‘Is that a good thing?’ She therefore asked, a twinkle in her eyes as she looked at the other woman over the rim over her steaming mug of coffee.
‘I’ll let you know,’ then the Kaulitz matriarch winked, and Anna found herself letting out a breath she hadn’t known she’d been holding. It would be all right. She would be all right.

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