As soon as we entered the party, I was already feeling uncomfortable and scared. My hand immediately grabbed towards Namjoons wrist, but only after holding it for half a second, I quickly let go of it again, feeling embarrassed. A second later, I felt Namjoons fingers intertwine with mine. ‘You can hold my hand, it’s okay. I get that you’re scared, so was I my first time here. But know that these people here look scarier than they actually are. Some of these are my friends, actually.’ I nodded and squeezed his hand harder. ‘Who invited you to this party?’, I asked. While looking around, I started feeling even more uncomfortable. There were people smoking, drinking, doing drugs, making out, grinding on each other, and more stuff where I did not wanted to be involved with.
‘Oh, just a buddy of mine. We often have fights with each other.’ ‘You fight with each other?’, I asked in confusion. ‘Yeah, but as a game. See it as a boxing match, but illegal, because you’re gambling, and you’re allowed to hurt the other more.’ ‘Oh.’ I didn’t expect Namjoon to do such things. He seemed like such a... peaceful person. ‘Let’s get a drink and then go meet him, ok?’ ‘Um, sure.’, I mumbled, while tapping my pockets with my free hand, looking for my wallet. ‘I forgot my wallet.’, I said with pink cheeks of embarrassment. ‘You didn’t have to bring it anyways. Everything tonight is on my treat, ok?’ ‘N-No I-‘ ‘I was the one who invited you, so there’s no need for you to pay for stuff. Come on, I’ll buy you a cocktail.’

We sat down at the stools by the bar and Namjoon finally let go of my hand to order two drinks that I had no clue of what they were. I was handed a very pretty-looking drink in a slender cocktail glass. It tasted quite nice, sweeter than the other alcoholic drinks I had tasted earlier in my life. While drinking, a tall, dark-haired male approached Namjoon. Namjoon stood up, they greeted each other, shook hands and laughed at each other. ‘Who’s that?’, the guy asked Namjoon, with his eyes on me. I slyly looked away, staring at my glass. ‘Just a friend of mine that I took with me.’ Namjoon grabbed my arm and pulled me up to make me join the conversation. I looked up to see the face of Namjoons friend. He grinned and winked, making me look down again. They had some conversation about something that I didn’t bother to listen along with. ‘Hey?’ Not realizing that the friend was talking to me, I kept staring in my now-empty cocktail glass. I heard a chuckle above me and felt a tap underneath my chin, making me look up. ‘I asked if you wanted a cigarette.’ I shook my head. ‘No thank you, I don’t smoke.’ I looked over at Namjoon to see if he had accepted the offer, and he had. ‘You smoke?’, I asked in a low voice. He shrugged and explained: ‘Not usually. I know it’s bad for me if I’ll get addicted, so I only do it at some parties sometimes. You sure you don’t want one, Jin?’ ‘No, it’s bad for me.’ Namjoon swung his arm around my shoulder. ‘I understand if you don’t want to, but one cigarette won’t give you lung cancer.’ I shook my head. ‘It’s not that.. I used to have asthma when I was younger. I’m ok now, but the doctor says that I’m not allowed to get near smoke like cigarettes and campfires and such...’ I felt a bit like a pussy, telling that story. But Namjoon ruffled my hair and nodded in understanding and his friend smirked, chuckled, and mumbled: ‘Cute.’
‘Um, Namjoon, I.. I have to go to the toilet.’, I said, suddenly feeling very awkward by his friend that kept staring at me as if I was a piece of meat, and he was a hungry lion. ‘Do you want me to go with you?’ ‘No, I’m good. If you just stay here, I’ll be able to find you back perfectly.’ And gone I was.

Namjoon POV

When Jin was away, Haeil, my friend, started making ‘ohhh’ sounds, and acted like he was fanning himself with his hand. ‘Holy shit, your friend is hot!’, he exclaimed. ‘What’s his name?’ ‘Chenhyuk.’, I lied, not wanting Haeil to start hitting on Jin because the poor boy was already uncomfortable enough. ‘It’s not, you called him Jin. Why are you lying to me?’ ‘Why did you ask for his name if you already knew?’ ‘Because I wanted to test if you would be honest to me. So I’m not allowed to have him, huh? Come on, he’s adorable! Grant your friend some pleasure in his life!’ ‘No way! He’s way too young for you, and you’re just being a creep, Hae.’ ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about. He seemed around your age.’ ‘I just don’t want you to get with him, understood? He’s not here to get hit on, and he’s way too scared and innocent. Leave him alone, ok?’ Haeil pouted and sighed. ‘Hmm, I see... Is Namjoonie jealous?’ ‘Excuse me? I barely know Jin for like two weeks or something, and and I have a girlfriend. I’m just protecting him against your vulgarity, that’s all.’ ‘Definitely jealous. Don’t worry, we can share him. Or even have threeso-‘ ‘Shut the fuck up, pervert! I’m not doing anything and neither are you, fucker. He’s coming back. I dare you, do one thing that crosses the line, and I’m cutting your dick off.’

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