Be ready to meet CORRUPTION

When I was at school there was a man with black hair and black eyes. What is it with Ancients and black? He had a small stick with a knife on top. That’s... very.. creative. He was very short, about 1,56 meters. He had a beard like a redneck. “So, my title and name is Ancient Corruption. I represent corruption as in political and pollution.”

After a day talking and spending time I learned that his knife was dipped in Ancient poison, this means he can give a person the opposite energy of what the person has the most. So if you have more positive energy you would get negative energy, this is mostly painful and sometimes lethal. Apparently he and Assasin represent “evil” and tomorrow I will meet my first “neutral” Ancient.

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  • Snufkin_

    Omg die Ancient poison kan mij slim maken!

    2 jaar geleden

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