Foto bij Headaches || Spencer Reid

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Fandom: Criminal minds
Taal: Engels
Vorm: Personage x Reader, zij vorm
Setting: Oh no. Not him.

It had been a long case. An even longer day if you asked Y/N. She hadn’t slept in days, hadn’t eaten in hours and to top it all off, she was getting a migraine. Her senses were off, her vision was already getting a little blurry and her head had started to hurt. Not much but just enough to put her in a terrible mood. “Y/N?”
“What?” She snapped her head back to look at whoever called on her. Morgan stood there. Holding his hands up in a make-believe defense. “Woah, what’s gotten into you hot stuff?”
“Do not call- oh whatever, I’m tired Morgan. Extremely tired. What do you need?” He had stopped laughing and now showed a look of genuine concern. “You okay though?” Y/N sighed. “Yes, I am. Now, what do you need?” He frowned at her before answering, eyes full of disbelief. “Hotch needs you in his office.” She smiled and nodded at the tall man standing before her before turning on her heels and marching towards Hotch’ office.

Hotch rose from his chair the minute she walked in. “Ah yes, Y/N, I wanted to speak to you about the –” She never heard the end of his sentence. Her vision had turned completely black.

Migraine: 1
Y/N: 0

Even though the whole thing was over within mere seconds, Hotchner didn’t fail to notice her wager. “Y/N? Are you alright?” She held up her hand. “I’m sorry Sir, it’s just a headache. You were saying?” Hotch looked at her incredulously. “Y/N, please, It can wait. You need to go home. Get some sleep, some rest.” Y/N opened her mouth to object but knew better than that, it would be of no use. Letting out one of the biggest sighs she could muster, she eventually muttered “Yes sir. I’ll be here first thing tomorrow.” He shook his head but said nothing, not willing to fall prey to the hypocrisy of it. “Goodnight Sir.” Y/N started walking out without awaiting an answer. “What the hell are you doing?” She turned back around, not understanding. “Sir?”
“You’re not driving like that Y/N.” He shook his head again, more prominently this time. “Wait here.” He almost pushed her in one of the chairs at his desk.

Annoyance had taken a hold of Y/N. In her opinion, she was still very capable of driving herself home. But that sorrow was rapidly replaced with a bigger and worse concern. Hotchner had walked back in but not alone this time. The only thing she could think was ‘Oh no. Oh heavens please no.’ He had walked back in with none less than Spencer Fucking Reid. The urge to roll her eyes grew bigger with every second passing. Spencer. Fucking. Reid.

“Spencer.” She couldn’t bear to look him in his eyes. Hotch could’ve asked anyone else. Literarily anyone else. Just, for fuck sake, not him. She still didn’t know what to make of boy genius. For over a year he had ignored her. The only time he talked to her was to correct her and sometimes, even then she wouldn’t get the courtesy of words. Maybe a sigh or an eye roll but nothing more. Y/N didn’t know what she ever did to the good Dr. Spencer Reid to make him hate her so much and she stopped caring a long time ago. But sometimes, when the light caught his face at the right angle, she couldn’t help herself but wonder. She wondered what it would be like if he didn’t hate her and on occasion, she even let her mind wander to what he keeps hidden underneath all those layers of clothes.

“Ready?” There was a snide comment, just at the tip of her tongue but one look at Hotch told her to swallow it whole and behave. “Yes. Let’s go.”

And so, she ended up in a small, enclosed space. Alone with Dr. Reid. And may the odd be ever in your favour. She chuckled lightly at her own thoughts. He shot her a puzzled look but stuck with his cold, spiteful charade. It didn’t take long before him refusing to speak got on her nerves. “You’re seriously going to ignore me the whole drive? Why would he even ask you? I bet Morgan or Prentiss would’ve loved to take me home.” She had more where that came from but he was ahead of her. “I volunteered.” That should keep her quiet for a while, he hoped. But how wrong he was. “Excuse me? For fuck sake! Why? You fucking hate my guts, barely willing to utter a single word to me. You don’t even have the basic decency to look me in the eye when you’re talking to me but suddenly, oh suddenly you volunteer to take me home? WHY?” Spencer had waited patiently for her to stop talking but was not prepared for the evil glare that would follow after the talking. She looked absolutely breath taking like that.

He pointed his eyes back at the road ahead. “We’re almost there.” By now, Y/N eyes were flashing with red. Her headache was forgotten. She was too angry right now. “Stop the car.”
“Stop the fucking car or I’ll pull the emergency break.” He considered her threat and had to admit to himself that she was probably crazy enough to do as she just said. He stopped the car, took a deep breath and looked her straight In the eye. “I don’t talk to you because talking to you confuses me, it distracts me. Talking to you means losing my focus, my drive because all I can think about is your perfume, and the way you smile and your voice and just, you. So no, I don’t talk to you. Not because I hate you but because I know I could never get a girl like you so I don’t want to torture myself with thinking that maybe that one smile meant that I did have a chance or maybe that one time you touched my back to comfort me meant that you felt the same way about me. I don’t want to-“ Y/N almost hit him right in the face.

She could barely believe what he was saying. “That, Spencer, is the lamest excuse I have ever heard in the history of all excuses ever.” A blush was spreading across his face. “I’m so sorry Y/N, I never meant to-“
“Shut up Spencer.”
She did the simplest thing imaginable, she kissed him. She kissed him until all the words between them, said and unsaid alike, disappeared and there was just him and her. Her and him. Spencer had a little smirk on his lips as he pulled himself away. “I thought you wanted me to talk to you.” Y/N grumbled unsatisfied. “And I thought I told you to shut up.”

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