It all happens so fast. When Grimm looks up, Rhine's frantically trying to bash Briar's brains in. What the —. Grimm's thoughts are interrupted by a screaming Rhine. He was shouting before, but the tone had changed drastically.
      'You touched me! You fucking touched me!' he rages to what is supposed to be his friend.Everyone just stands there and gapes at the two, which irritates Grimm. He parcours himself over the couch and a passed out Alex. He circles his arms around Rhine, who starts trashing for freedom.
      'Can someone fucking tear these two apart? Bloody hell, what kind of friends are you guys?" Grimm roars while enduring a fist to the jaw, in which he loosens his grip a little and Rhine tries to slip out. The taller man regains his composure and recaptures the slender Rhine, arms included this time. The rest of the rooms seems to have realized time hadn't stopped and people start moving around, some of the girls trying to find some towels in the kitchen to stop Briar from bleeding out through his nose. Whatever he has done to trigger Rhine this badly he probably deserved it.
He looks down at Rhine who has turned around and started trembling against him. He didn't let him go just yet, Grimm has seen enough of that in his life.
      'H—H—He touched me,' Rhine mumbles softly. 'He touched my — my...' Rhine grips his hand, which is covered in blood. Whose is still a mystery. Grimm sees Maxwell walking around with a bunch of towels. The enforcer catches his attention.
      'Max, get me some ice in that towel,' he says while looking down at Rhine's hand as an explanation. The other hockeyplayer catches on quickly and dashes back to the kitchen, leaving the pile on the sofa. The law people seem to concern themselves with Briar.
      'I want him out. I want everyone out,' Rhine whispers. It seems like he has found his voice again. Maxwell hands him the towel and Grimm lets him go. He's pretty pissed about all of them watching and doing nothing as well.
      ‘Okay. All of you have to get out my crib right now,' Grimm states. His speech seems polished up, but that always happens when he gets angry or pissed. His accent just says 'bye!' and he talks properly. In a sense at least.
      'Fellas, the bar is two streets down and all of you law people... You better don’t embarrass him about this later because I swear I will find you,' he says while intently looking at all the people around them. Of course he couldn't let the perpetrator go without a second glance either. He's even more pissed at Briar than he is at the other people.
      'Also. Mister extra gay? Stay away for a while, I will only watch allow you back in after some really lengthy sorry’s and Rhine’s permission. Are we clear?' he says while giving him the stink-eye. 'NOW MOVE YA ASSES OUTTA HERE! And you... don't bleed on my fucking carpet or I'll fucking break things that take longer to heal than a nose,’ he says while pointing to the door and then at Briar, who seems to be a least a little spooked by the tall, broad male. He closes the door behind Maxwell who gives him an apologetic look while hauling Alex over his shoulder and whacking him in the head so he would stay at least a little bit upright.
      I need a goddamn cigarette, Grimm groans in his thoughts. It has been one hell of a night and he needed something to calm his nerves. Smoking would help a little bit. He grabs his Lucky Strikes and box of matches when he can't find a lighter immediately. He also detours to the kitchen to ice the sore spot on his jaw. Grimm is surprised when he sees the balcony door open, but thinks nothing of it. In the end it's also still Rhine's place. He finds the other male on one of the high chairs, one leg propped against his chest, the other dangling over the edge of the barstool. He sees Rhine glancing in his direction, he seems a bit embarrassed. Grimm puts a cigarette between his lips with one hand, but then realizes he can't light it with the ice pressed against his jaw.
      'Would ya mind lightin' tha jawn for me?' he asks Rhine, his smoke dangling around while he speaks, trying to keep the damn thing in place. A silent nod, a lighted match and some struggling later he puffs out a cloud of smoke. Rhine still hasn't even breathed a word and Grimm frowns at the detached behavior of the younger man. He looks at his cigarette and holds it in front of Rhine, who eyes it like it personally offended him, but takes it anyway. He brings it to his lips in a rather awkward looking movement and breathes in a bit of smokes, only to cough out his lungs the next moment. Grimm laughs hearty at the sight and takes the smoke out of his hand, while ruffling his hair.
      'First time, ain't it?' he asks when Rhine didn't seem like he was dying anymore and smirks at the the man next to him, his blue eyes filled with boyish naught, but no bad intent whatsoever.

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  • Frisk

    Ugh, babies

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      They're really grown men tho:Y) I do agree on them being babes tho

      2 jaar geleden
    • Altschmerz

      Rhine's a baby, Grimm is as manly as they get

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