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Rikku is taking a trip to visit her friends.

"Rikku!" I turned around when I heard my name. Currently I was at Sydney airport. "Miyu! Rin!" I put my surfboardbag down and hugged my two friends. "It has been so long." I let go and looked at the two. "You look good. Australia's doing wonders for you two." Miyu giggled. "Well you look good too. You ready for your big contest?" I nodded. "Thank you guys so much for letting me stay." Rin waved his hand. "Nah, don't worry about it. You are always welcome to stay." I smiled and they began making their way to their car.

When we walked outside I saw a nice red convertible with behind it an old blue ford truck. Against it was a man with sun kissed skin and raven colored hair, wearing sunglasses. When we walked up to him and he looked up from his phone. When he saw me he smiled and stepped forward to give me a hug. "Oh I missed you so much." I mumbled in his shirt. "I know, I know. I missed you too babe." He kissed my forehead and grabbed my luggage before putting it in the bed of his truck. "So we'll see you guys at the house, okay?" Rin and Miyu nodded and stepped in their car. "See you!" I looked at Sousuke. "Sooo, nice truck." He shook his head. "I bought it from Rin and Miyu's neighbors. I needed a car, I don't like taking the bus in this heat." I giggled and went to sit in the passengers seat. "I like it, it suits you. Big man, big car." He remains quiet and starts the car. "So, how is everything back in Japan?" "Good, but lonely. Classes are going well, I'm one of the top students in my class." "Didn't expect anything less from my talented girl." I smiled at him again. "But the apartment is lonely. I miss having you, stomping around and warming the bed." Sousuke gave me an unamused look while I said 'stomping around' and I giggled. "Well I miss having you in my bed too. It's like having a little monkey clinging to you're arm." "Ha-ha." We laughed and I looked outside. We were leaving the city. "You know, it's just a few more months, after that I have enough experience to apply to the course I need to become a real swimming coach." I nodded. "I know but.... I just miss you. We've been together for so long and the longest we were apart, were like two days. Now it's been 6 months." Sousuke nodded. "Okay, that's true. But the important thing is, you're here now and we're going to make a nice week."

We drove up to a nice sand colored home. Rin and Miyu were already there. We stepped out of the truck and Sousuke grabbed my luggage. "Let's get inside." He opened the frond door and let me go in first. Sousuke put down my luggage in the hallway. "I think they are on the back porch, the view at this time of day is great." He started walking, but I stopped him. "Wait Sousuke, before we go there." I stepped towards him. "I would like to take a moment and do this." I grabbed his arm, before standing on my tippy toes and kiss him. I felt that he was suprised for a moment, but he came around quickly, pulled me into his form and deepened the kiss. I pulled away from his lips and smiled. "I'm sorry, I couldn't hold that back any longer." He chuckled. "I don't mind that at all." He grabbed my hand and pulled me through the house, telling me where everything was on the way to the porch. When we stepped outside I saw that the house was actually by the beach and I smiled. "Oh my god. This is amazing." I heard Rin chuckle. "It is isn't it." I looked at my two friends, now sitting by a table. "We were lucky to find this place. I personally fell in love with it, the first time I saw it." Miyu said and I took a seat beside her. "I can understand that. This place is very charming."

After our dinner, the guys went inside to do the dishes and watch some kind of sports game. Miyu and I stayed on the porch, drinking some wine and talking. "So, how does it feel to see you're boyfriend again?" I stared at the white/yellowish liquid in my glass. "Very good actually. You wouldn't say, but such a big guy actually gets missed a lot if he suddenly isn't around any more. You know, I actually had to buy a stepping stool so I could reach our highest kitchen cabinets." Miyu giggled. "I guess you two are going to have a busy night together, grabbing stuff from high kitchen cabinets." I shook my head. "Ha-ha-ha. You know, we only kissed when we arrived here. It suprised me he didn't jump me the minute we saw each other. It surprised me I didn't jump him, when I saw him again." Miyu shrugged. "Well, maybe the whole passionate phase is beginning to fade. You'll be the boring old couple." I groaned. "No, I don't want to be the old boring couple yet. I want the hot passionate couple." Miyu giggled. "Then do something about it." I puffed my cheeks. "I will." We both sipped at our wine. "So what are you going to do tomorrow?" I looked past her at the now dark waves. "Make use of that beautiful garden of yours and after that I wanted to suprise Sousuke with lunch." She nodded. "Well his break is at 1, so I'll guess I have to give you the adress." I nodded. "Thank you Miyu." "No problem." She stood from her chair and it surprised me how much she had grown since the last time I had seen her. "Wow Miyu, you've grown so much. Look how tall you are!" "Thank you honey." She smiled at me and patted my head.

When I walked into Sousuke's bedroom he was already asleep, training schedual still in hand. Seems he intented to wait up for me, but failed. I smiled. He is so sweet. I carefully grabbed the papers and put them on te night stand, before I changed into my night clothes. I crowled into the bed and snuggled into his form. God I missed this...


I stood infrond of the massive pool complex. Somewhere in this building Sousuke was coaching. Maybe i should have asked Miyu where he would be... I stepped inside and walked toward the front desk. "Good morning, how can I help you?" I smiled at the women. "Good morning. I'm looking for Sousuke Yamazaki, I wanted to give him his lunch." She nodded. "He is working in pool erea C." She pointed at the map she had in frond of her. "Thank you so much."

I stepped inside the pool erea. I silently made my way to the benches on the pool side and smiled as I saw Sousuke point out something to one of the swimmers. After 5 minutes of staring one of the younger man called out to him. "coach Yamazaki, there is a cute girl watching." Sousuke turned around annoyed look on his face, starting to say something, before he recognized me. His eyes softened. "Rikku, what are you doing here?" I smiled. "Watching you. Waiting for you're lunch break." I lifted the home made lunch I packed." He grinned a little. "I'm almost done. You mind waiting a little bit longer?" I shook my head. "Not at all." He explained some more stuff before he dismissed them. Walking towards me he smiled. "Did I forget my lunch again?" I snorted a little. "Oh please. As if you would forget you're lunch. Munchuke." He grinned. "Miyu told me not to bring any." He let me to his office. "Hmm there went my suprise." He shrugged. "It's very nice either way." We sad down and I began to unpack our lunch. "That looks amazing Rikku." "Well it's not as good as your cooking, but none the less it should taste well." Sousuke grabbed his chopsticks. "Thank you for the food!"


"Congratulations on your second place Rikku-chan!" Miyu, Rin and Sousuke had invited some Australian friends to a barbecue in honer of my competition skills. I smiled. "Thank you all!" "You did a great job. Because of that you get the first burger!" Rin grinned as he picked up the burger from the grill. I took the plate. "Thank you Rin." I sad down next to Miyu and some of her friends. "So Rikku, Miyuki told us that your an art student?" I nodded as I swallowed my bite. "Yes. I'm a singer." "Would you like to sing for us?" "Maybe later tonight. I would like to eat first." "And drink." Miyu handed me a wine glass. "Thank you dear." "No problem sweety." We toasted and began a lovely night.


Later in the evening I wandered onto the beach for some peace and quiet from the buzzing party. Tomorrow evening I would be going back to Japan. Another 5 months without Sousuke. Guess I should get used to that stepping stool... I felt someone taking a seat next to me. "So here have you been." "Sou..." His arm snaked around my waist and I laid my head on his shoulder. "Still not that much into party's are you?" "Not really no." We looked at the waves for some time, enjoying each others warmth. "What's on you're mind my morning star?" I frowned. He always saw right through me. "Well... There are actually two things." "Hmm, do tell." "Well the first thing is going back tomorrow. I really don't feel like it, but you know I still have school, so I can't really stay." Sousuke nodded. "I know. But we will see eachother soon." "Yeah, but I like it here. With you, Rin en Miyu. Living together. It reminded me of Christmas." Sousuke nodded. "That was very nice indeed. Maybe we can take them in when they get back to Japan. Just until they have their own place." I giggled. "Out place isn't big enough for that. It's just a small apartment after all." "Not even big enough for a kid." I stared at him. Wait... what? He started laughing. "Don't worry, it was just a joke. You should have seen you're face!" "Well yeah, I mean we just started living together and students! Besides that I would like to wait a little longer so I don't have to share you yet." "Such a greedy little girl." Sousuke kisses me.

"So what is the other thing thats on you're mind?" I start blushing. "Well uhm, you see, Miyu and I were talking the other day and uh, well... Are we starting to become an old boring couple?" He frowns. "Why would you think that?" "Well when we first saw each other we didn't jump at each other. Hell we haven't even had sex yet and I'm leaving tomorrow." "So that's how it is." Sousuke starts sitting differently and grabs my hands. I look at him. "Rikku, we aren't a boring old couple. We never will be, I promise you that. It's just that I'm afraid that once I truly have you, I won't be able to let you go home. Aren't I selfish?" I smile a little. My heart really can't handle this man. I place my hand on his cheek. "How is it that you are so sweet and cruel at the same time." "What-?" Before he could say more I put my arms around his neck and kiss him as passionate as I could. His hands grab my sides. I let his lips go and move towards his neck. He groans. "R-rikku, stop. If you continue I won't be able to stop." I look him in the eyes. "I don't want you to stop." He kissed me. "As you wish."

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    Never a boring old couple, but a very cute and lovey-dovey couple XD Go get some, Rikku!!!

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