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It was a cold, cloudy, saturday night. The moon was shining bright at the sky, it's beauty was mesmerizing. Even though it was June it was cold, you would almost think it was winter. I love this time of the year, the worlds awakens from it's deep slumber and everything i comes back to life. The threes get more and more leaves, the animals get their young and even the flowers bloom.
My life is a bit difficult some say they are jealous at my house, my family, some even say they're jealous because my dad has a well paid job. To tell you the truth i don't care about the money. Happiness and family are all that count for me. I promised my dad that i would take over the company he owns when i'm old enough.
I'm 20 years old now, just graduated from highschool. Dad says i need more training before he hands the company over to me. My family has a history in this city, dad says they have been here for centuries. When i was 15 i refused to believe that there was something special about my family. Dad called it a gift, i i called it bullshit. Come on, i was 15 deeply in love with the badboy in highschool, ignoring all the warnings my dad gave me. He doesn't know anything about love i told myself many times. Until i witnessed the true nature of the boy i liked, what kind of horrors there are in this world. I was selfish, in my puberty refusing to listen to my parents. I should have listened to them, i should have listened to her. If i did....she would still be alive telling me to to waste my time anymore and get to work. Heck she would even yell at me for wasting another 5 years of my life to bullshit. I can imagine her voice saying 'You should not waste your gift my child, you should use it to hunt those who hunt us'.

My name is Alina Molyneaux, and this is my story

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