Very very serious.

Today there was a girl, she was about 1, 75. She had black in a knot, she has glasses. Her eyes are grey eyes with gold in them. She has freckles. She is Mind.

She is very serious, but has sadistic and sarcastic humour. Her powers are basically everything you can do with a mind, including telekinesis.

Now they are all here all of a sudden. “Time has come for you to remember.” Said mind while she was going to my head with her hands. My head felt like it was gonna explode, I started rembering everything. “Why are you here, my allies? What is the danger as to why you have awoken?” I asked. “We... honestly don’t know..”
with that the lights on the lunchroom of the school went out and there was a very loud and clear laugh.

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  • Snufkin_

    Okay these weird-looking guys are just touching and doing weird stuff with this girl IN THE MIDDLE OF A SCHOOL DAMNIT

    2 jaar geleden

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