So many ancient ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I made a ball of light, a very big ball of light. There was something in here, it felt dangerous. “Hey you okay?” Asked a girl with purple eyes and brown hair in a pigtail. Her name was Manouk. “At a level yes, like small scale though. Why?” “You look like you are ill..” I then noticed that I was actually having a headache. “Who’s in here?! I demand to know!” Mind screamed. “I will only talk to my equal.” The deep voice answered. My headache became worse. Not much later I blacked out.

Assassin’s POV:
Kayleigh started screaming. Then she just looked up and started singing heathens from Twenty One Pilots. Oh no.. this meant she had too much negative energy in her, outbalancing her and making her evil. This was not OUR Kayleigh that was in control. Her friend with the purple eyes tried to ask her what was wrong. “No! Back away from her. This isn’t the Kayleigh you know! She will harm you!” I warned her. “Well luckily the rest of the ancients are resistance for that!” There was man, but his energy was monstrous. He was the only one that could kill Kayleigh and the only one that knew how to turn her like this. His name was the Ancient Beast.

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  • Snufkin_

    Omg door die titel moet ik denken aan die keer dat “iemand” Fantastic Gays And Where To Fuck Them op de muur had geschreven

    2 jaar geleden

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