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I strap my bag over my shoulders as I head out of the door. My shift has just ended. It’s after midnight but the city is as loud as ever. My skin smells of sweat and cheap perfume, and there’s a lingering scent of lust in the air. Clutching my bag harder, I quicken my footsteps. I walk towards the bus stop when two men appear in my line of sight.
“Hey there, pretty. Want us to show you a good time?” One of them grins at me, showing a gold tooth. They look drunk, judging from the way they walk.
“No thanks,” I mutter and try to walk around them, but the guy stops me by grabbing my wrist.
“Don’t say that. We have a lot of money.” He slips his hand inside his jacket and takes out a wad full of cash. My feet still on the ground as I watch him waving the money at me. They must’ve mistaken me for a hooker. My face turns to disgust. They want me to sell my body? I’ll kick their balls if they so much as touch me. The way they leer at me makes me feel sick, like snails slithering all over my skin. I want to run away but I suddenly remember the bill. I have to save my brother. And I need money for that. What’s one exchange of my body for cash? My heart laments with sorrow. This body, who has never been touched by anyone before, yet I’m giving it away so freely to the arms of strangers. My heart is incapable to love, but I dream that if I want to have sex, then it be with someone I’d cherish. Not like this… but what’s one body compared to someone’s life? No matter what happens to me, I will live. My brother is more important to me than anything else in the world. Including myself…
“If I go with you, how much can you give me?” There is no emotion in my voice, as if I’m nothing but a lifeless doll. The man with the gold tooth comes closer and tucks a wandering lock behind my ear.
“A lot, sweetheart. More than you can imaging.” I inhale his foul breath and I want to vomit. But I stay rooted on the spot and I allow him to touch me.
“Okay,” I whisper. The men laugh and put their arms around me. But before they can take a further step, their arms are suddenly ripped away from me. I turn and gasp to find the blond guy from earlier beating the crap out of those guys. His fists fly wildly and I see blood everywhere. My heart takes a dive and my world is spinning.
“Stop!” I scream is I run to the blond man and grab his arm. His arm is hard like steel. “What are you doing?”
Mercifully, he stops but he turns his scary expression on me and I want to wilt under his glare. “They’re taking you,” he says simply.
“And I wanted them! I need that money. Mind your own business, you bastard!” I’m afraid of him but I’m more afraid of not getting the money. My fear for my brother is greater than my fear for him. He scoffs and pulls away from me with disgust, like I’m someone dirty.
“For a whore, you are incredibly naïve. They’re lying to you. Do you think they would pay you to spread your legs for them? They’d say anything as long as they can get you naked underneath them. And then they’ll rape you until you are nothing but a broken toy.” My knees tremble and I collapse on the dirty ground. My chest heaves and I feel like I can’t breathe. I wish I could escape, but I can never leave this hell, not when my brother is burning in this inferno. Tears burn in my eyes before they fall into tiny rivers. I lift my head to find him staring down at me. I’m so tired… Let’s end this life.
“Then Minster… Will you buy me?” My cheeks are stained wet and my world is blurry, but I can see him staring down at me with those cold, merciless eyes.
“What?” My lips tremble but I swallow the cries.
“Will you buy me… for €100,000?” He is silent for a while, then he slips his hand inside his jacket. He pulls out a check book and a pen. I stare wordlessly as he scribbles something on it, before he rips the paper and throws it at me. I watch that thin piece of paper float in the air before I mover the grab. The paper is stained with fingerprints of blood, but it’s those numbers that draw me in. it’s a cheque for €100,000, signed by Justin Bieber. My eyes widen as that paper shakes in my hands.
“Do you understand what this means?” His cold voice filters the air. I look up at him, my tears are already dried, leaving smears of black mascara on my face. This terrifying man, with blood covering his skin. His cheeks are smeared with blood, and his hands drip with the crimson fluid. His knuckles are torn bloody but his face never shows pain.
“I will own you. From now on, you are mine.” He says. The way he stands above me, half of his face cast in the shadows. It makes him look like a devil. And I’ve just sold my soul to this devil. That night, I’m no longer the same person as I was before. I am a thing… a commodity. I’m sold for €100,000.

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