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I follow the maid towards the end of the hall where my room is. It’s probably smaller than the rooms in this mansion, but it’s a lot bigger than my room back at the condo. My suitcases are already there by the bed, waiting for me to unpack. There’s a maid dress in black and white apron lying on the bed and I reach to pick it up. So, I guess I’ll be working as his maid. I know rich people have maids, but I’d never expected them to dress in actual maid costumes. Kinky bastard.
“Your shift begins at 6am every day and ends at 11pm. You get two hours break for lunch. Anything else, you can find other maids or butlers in this house and they will help you. Just don’t disturb the young master.”
“Is he always… intimidating?”
The young maid shakes her head. “No. Well… he has always been a troubled teen. He got into fights. He was uncontrollable. But it all changed when he fell in love with a girl. And he changed for her.”
“Really? I don’t see how he changed for the better. He still looks like a psychopath to me.” The maid looks at me with a shocked expression.
“Don’t say that! Have pity on the young master. His bride ditched him on the wedding altar and ran off with another man. You can see why he’s destructive. He’s like a time bomb, just waiting to explode.”
I wince. “I’m sorry to hear that.”
And I’ve no doubt when he explodes, he will destroy everything around him. I better make sure to avoid him as much as I can. I have enough shit to deal with. I don’t need to deal with a grieving groom who lost his bride. Although I feel kind of sorry for him. Which shitty person would ditch someone on the wedding day?
“Then don’t badmouth him.” The maid says haughtily before she leaves the room. Jeez, does she have a crush on him or something? I change into the maid dress before heading out to work. I spend the entire day vacuuming the many rooms and polish windows. It is midnight by the time I stagger back into my room. I sink to the floor as exhaustion takes over me.
Cleaning is such hard work, especially in this large empty mansion. What’s the point of living in a big place where there’s no one occupying these rooms? The mansion is cold and without a shred of warmth. And silent with only the echo of footsteps from the staff. How can anyone live in such a cold place? No wonder his heart is made of ice.
My mother used to say the home shapes the heart. A warm home means a warm heart. There’s nothing warm about this place. As I begin to untie the sash around my waist, the phone in my room rings. I look at it confused before I reach out to answer it.
“Too slow. I told you when I call, you fucking fly.” Justin growls at the end of the line.
“Sorry, I just got back from my duties.”
“No excuses. Come to my room, now.”
“But it’s midnight-”
“I don’t give a shit. You come when I command you so, even if this world is falling apart.”
"What do you want with me?"
"You have 60 seconds." Click. I look at the phone in disbelief. Did he just... hang up on me? How rude! If I was not indebted to him, I wouldn't let him talk to me that way. He may be older, but I can kick his ass just fine.
Opening my door, I run to his suite. I reach his suite with my pulse in my throat. What does he want from me? With a shaky hand, I enter his room. I see him sitting on a chair in his dressing gown. His dressing gown is slightly exposed, and I can see his sculpted chest. I trace his abs with my eyes, appreciating the lean muscles. His elbow is on the armrest, his eyes watching me. His other hand is holding a glass of Scotch, and I hope he's not drunk.
The room is dark, apart from the silver rays of moonlight infiltrating through the large windows. His face is casted in shadow. I can't see his expression other than the bright brown eyes glowing in this darkness. The intensity of his gaze stops me short. My body feels feverish and I feel like he's undressing me with his eyes alone. Those eyes smoulder me and my clothes suddenly feel too tight. Too hot to breathe. What's with this guy? Every time I see him, I feel like I'm becoming undone. I don't even recognize myself. I feel like a prey.
"Come closer," he says. I swallow hard and walk slowly towards him. This enclosed space... it's too dangerous to be with alone with him. Yet my feet move further, as if they have a will of their own.
"Closer." I walk until I'm in front of him. My hands are fists to stop them from trembling. I will not look weak in front of him.
"Strip." That one word jolts my body hard, as if I've been hit by lightning. "Don't make me repeat myself. You won't like the consequences," he says, when I stand frozen.
"No," I whisper. "No. I-if you don't need me for anything else, I'll be going. It's late." I turn to leave but a large hand suddenly grips my wrist hard. I stumble and would've fallen on the floor but he stands and I smack right on his naked chest. He pulls me close until our faces are an inch apart. I see those angry eyes trained on me and his mouth shaped in a cruel line.
"You're mine. Don't ever think for a second that you don't belong to me. I shall do whatever I please because until you pay back your debt. I. own. you." He drags me by my arm before throwing me on his king size bed. My head slams on the mattress before his tall body looms above me. My eyes widen and my heart leaps in terror. I'm in a very bad position. He’s hands are rough on me. My exposed skin immediately gets cold.
"Don't" My voice comes out barely a whisper. This moment, I realize how strong this man is. And no matter how much I train myself, I am still weak. "Please."
I can't fight him no matter how much I try. My fists are weak on him. He's going to deflower me... He's going to break me. And I can't stop him.

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