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Justin P.O.V.

I resist the urge to go back to the room to find her. I stand mingling with the party guests, not bothering to smile. This is my manager’s idea of a party, not mine. The music is too classical for my taste and I fucking hate these fake conversations as everyone starts talking about Hollywood and comparing their daughters like they’re livestock’s.
Darn women… they flock around me like sheep. They cling to my arm and it drives me bugfuck. They all wear sexy dresses and painted their faces with so much make-up. But I see them as clowns. If they want to seduce me, they should’ve come naked. Not wearing feathers and shit.
I sip my champagne, impatiently waiting for this party to be over. The door suddenly opens and light from the house bursts into the garden. I turn and still. My drink drops to the ground.
She emerges from the door. Her hair, it sets the entire world on fire with brilliant red. It’s tied up into a bun, with small locks of curls falling towards her shoulders. Her slender neck is naked and the cocktail dress fits her body like a glove. It brings out her curves, the sway of her hips and the black is a beautiful contrast to her pale creamy skin. The dress pushes up her breasts. Shit, those are damn good breasts. They perk under my stare and I can almost imagine how it would feel like if I touched them and massaged them with my hands.
I’m barely breathing, my eyes fixed on her. I feel small tugs from the women around me, but I can barely see them. They are merely part of the background. Their beauties are nothing compared to the woman standing in front of me. My eyes are only for her. And I feel like my heart beats only for her, and I breathe only for her.
Her ruby lips, I crave to kiss them. I crave for her body like the ocean waves crave for the moon. I crave her like my heart craves a beat.
My feet move on their own towards her. She looks around slightly before she sees me, and settles her gaze on me.
“Hey you,” I breathe.
Her lips quirk slightly. “I have a name, you know.”
“Well, I’ve never heard you call me Young Master.”
“It’s going to take some adjustments before I can call you that.”
“Justin,” I blurt out. “Call me Justin.” I reach out and bring her hand to my lips. “And you are Elena.”
She smiles. “Thank you, Justin. For taking care of me.”
Oh, how I love that fuckable voice. I want to devour her right now; the guests be damned. I hear my name being called by others and I clench my jaw in frustration. Stupid party. Stupid networking shit. I don’t give a damn if they’re producers or actresses or the fucking president himself. They’re ruining my moment with her.
“You’re needed,” she says. “You don’t have to sulk. Isn’t this supposed to be an important networking? Go!”
“Fuck them,” I mutter.
“You need to wipe that frown off your face and smile more,” she says.
“What are you, my mother?”
“Even if you’re in pain, smile. It’s like saying ‘Fuck you’ to the world.”
“Is that what you tell yourself?” I look at her with interest. I know this girl has some weird shit going on with her. I know her parents died, leaving her and the sick brother behind. But other than that, I know nothing about her.
And I realise that I do want to know more about her. I want to know the reason behind the pain in her eyes. And maybe, I can fix it. I have wealth and money. She can have whatever she wants. The only thing she can’t have, is my heart. Because there’s no way I’m letting a girl break me again.
She scoffs at something.
“What?” I ask her. She lifts those beautiful eyes at me.
“Can’t you hear what they’re saying about you?” I tune in to listen. I see the women looking at me appreciatively, saying something about me in their beds.
“Why are you surprised? It’s not every day they get to see a handsome man like me. I’m the lover of their dreams.”
“More like a demon,” she mutters.
“Excuse me?”
“You may be able to trick others that you’re so fucking perfect, but you can’t fool me. I know what you are. You’re a devil.” I raise my eyebrow at her. So she hates me. I’m not surprised. I didn’t leave a good impression on her and I did try to violate her.
“What caught me?”
She gestures her hand at me. “You’re sadistic, cruel, arrogant and a pompous prick. Need I go on?” I can’t help it but laugh. Her eyes widen slightly as she sees me laugh. I guess this is the first time she hears me laugh. Her cheeks turn pink and I want to bend down and kiss that puckering lips.
“Then, are you an angel coming down to save me?” Her expression immediately sobers. Darkness clouds in her eyes and I’m dying to know what’s going on in that mind of hers. She’s no longer smiling and I immediately miss the curve of her lips.
“I’m no angel. How can I save you when I’m drowning in my own sins? I try to be good, but I’m not. I’m not a devil either. I’m just… someone desperately trying to live in this cruel world.”
My hand reaches out and clasps her hand in mine. She looks down at our entwined fingers. Her hand grips me tightly as if afraid she’ll disappear if I let her go.
“You’re not bad, Elena. You are merely human. We make mistakes, but we are also given second chances.”
She looks at me with sadness in her eyes. “You think so?”
“I believe it,” I say firmly. I bend slightly and brush my lips on hers. I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have kissed her. I vowed not to let women hurt me again. But there’s no going back now.
She tastes of chocolate, with a touch of champagne. And I am suddenly lost. Lost in her. I kiss her as she drinks my soul.

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