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“Where are we going?” I ask as I get into his car. I’m wearing a white, cotton dress with jeans. My eyes look appreciatively, seeing Justin in a sleeveless shirt, exposing his strong muscles. With his sunglasses on, he really does look like a celebrity.
“There’s this movie that I want to watch. Then I want to stroll down the high streets and have lunch.”
“Sounds like a date,” I say jokingly.
Justin starts the car. “Think whatever you want,” he says without looking at me.
We’re in a theatre watching a rom-com movie. I never knew Justin is into these kind of stuff, but instead of watching the screen, Justin watches me instead. Sometimes he has that hungry look in his eyes and I turn away, pretending I didn’t see.
I feel afraid. I haven’t felt happiness for so long. I’m afraid if I get too happy, then life would throw me back into the gutter. But when the movie ends, Justin grabs my hand and takes me outside, his hand still tightly clasped on mine. He makes me feel…secure and my heart sights in contentment.
We wade through the high street. Today, we’re not master and servant. Today, we’re just two people.
“So, if you’re not a lawyer and you don’t sing anymore, what are you doing now?”
Justin doesn’t say anything. He stares straight ahead as he pulls me through the crowd.
“Nothing. I’m not doing anything,” he says finally. “My manager wants me to start writing again, but I’ve no intention to do that. He hasn’t bitched about my decision yet.”
“So, if you’re not a lawyer and you don’t want to make music, what do you want to do? You can’t just keep blowing your money.”
Justin looks at me. “My manager would rather spend his time in that house, partying and blowing money, than being with his family. He would sacrifice his love and happiness for the sake of money. To him, money is all that matters. So why can’t I use that money that he loves so much?”
I hear loneliness in his voice and my heart aches for him. This man, he must be so lonely by himself in that cold mansion. He has never received love from anyone. No wonder he distrusts everyone.
“Okay, let’s just enjoy this date and not think about anything else,” I say.
I see other girls looking at Justin appreciatively and my face glows happily, because I’m the one standing beside him, with his hand on mine. I bite my bottom lip to keep myself from smiling.
“Stop biting your lip,” Justin says.
“Because it makes me want to kiss you. And I won’t be gentle either, even if we’re surrounded with these people.”
I laugh. That doesn’t sound too bad. He stops and pulls me to him, before his mouth comes crashing down on mine. I gasp, but his mouth continues to devour me. I feel myself coming apart from his lips on my mouth, his arm snaked around my waist. My back arches slightly, my head tilts up and I open my mouth to deepen the kiss. I don’t care who’s watching me right now. The world cease to exist other than him.
Before I know it, he dominates my world and breaks it into pieces, and he becomes my world instead. I feel myself give in to him, my heart opening itself to allow him in. He doesn’t knock on my door, he simply burst in. He rips away my rationality until I think of nothing but him. He alone consumes my entire thoughts. And probably my heart.
I break away from our kiss, his arms still around me. I turn to find one of my old classmates with a group of her friends, watching me intently. My eyes widen in horror. What the hell is my ex-classmate doing here? Shit, I thought no one would recognize me.
“It is you! Woah, look at you. I thought you’d still be a penniless hobo but you look pretty good! And with a gorgeous boyfriend too.”
“Jean, you know her?” One of her friends asks her.
“Yeah, she was my classmate. It’s funny how life turns out. This girl here, she used to be rich. She had everything back then. She was clever, popular, good at everything and everyone fucking loved her. She came to school with a fucking Bentley, with a chauffeur and all.” She turns to me. “But you can’t have everything, can you? Life is fair. One minute she’s Miss Perfect, the next second, everything got taken away from her. She ended up with nothing.”
I can’t breathe. Stop… I know Justin is listening to every single word she’s saying, and I don’t want him to hear the rest, because I know what’s coming.
“Really? What happened?” One of her friends says in interest.
“Her parents died in a car crash. From that time, she lost her home and everything they owned to the debt collectors. It’s a shame you can’t go back to uni, Elly. You would’ve aced first class for your degree.”
I feel like I’m watching a train coming towards me and I can’t do anything to stop it…
“Do you know how low she has sunk? It shows humans are capable of many things when they’re desperate.” Jean says with a smirk.
“What do you mean?” Her friend asks.
“She was a rich girl. Now, she’s nothing but a criminal.”
I hear Justin sucks in a breath but I don’t turn to look at him. My hands are fisted on my sides and I feel, so terribly cold. My world is sucked back into the darkness and I’m suddenly blind.
“A criminal?” I hear someone asks.
“Yes. Elly went to jail for attempted murder.”

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