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As soon as we reach the hospital, I run immediately towards my brother's ward. I pray over and over as I run across the halls, my heart panicking so much I think it would burst. Please, let him be okay. God, take me instead. Just leave him alone. The ward is already full of doctors as I reach his room.
“Lucas,” I say in a panicked terror.
My brother is unmoving on the bed, looking still as death. He has an oxygen mask on his mouth as the doctors continues trying to revive him. My world turns dark as I hear the heart monitor.
It doesn't beat. Its sound is continuous like one of those cancelled programmes on TV. I know Justin's hand is in mine but I can barely feel it. My eyes are trained on the little boy on the bed. Please, please. Let it be me instead. Just don't take him.
The doctor comes towards me and shakes his head.
“I'm sorry. We did our best but… there's nothing we can do now.”
I hear someone say something in the background. My ears are ringing so loud. Noisy, this world is too noisy.
“Impossible.” I hear myself say.
“I'm sorry.” I look up to him and fist his white coat with my hands.
“I gave you the money to treat my brother. You have the money to treat him. He should be fine! I did everything you asked me to do.”
“We tried our best. But he couldn't respond to the treatments. Even with the surgery, it only prolonged his life for a couple more hours.”
I see one of the nurses places a white cloth over his face.
“No, what are you doing?!”
I rush towards the bed and takes the white cloth off. They're covering my brother's face. My body shakes with grief as I look at my brother. He looks like he's sleeping. Someone had taken off the oxygen mask. I stroke his cheek; my hands crave to touch him. I place my finger under his nose but I can't feel any air.
He doesn't breathe.
My heart crumbles.
Now, I have no one.
My world is nothing.

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