Foto bij Seventeen

Don't be a silent reader!

I tell Justin to take me to the old condo, where my brother and I used to live. He drives me there immediately, without saying another word. I don't speak, my eyes no longer seeing the world. I enter the apartment, and immediately go to my brother's room. There are pieces of him in this room. His drawings, his textbooks. I find the photo frame on the table, pictures of us together, smiling.
There are a couple of photos with our parents at the old house, and one at my university. Letting out a strangled scream, I throw the pictures on the floor, hearing the loud shatter of glass as everything breaks into fragments. They break just like my heart. I continue throwing things on the floor, until heavy arms wrap around me from behind and I struggle, still screaming with pain.
I try to push him away but Justin holds me tighter, his arms caging me. I scream with rage, and with grief, and every single emotion inside me bursts out into a wailing song. Justin brings me to the floor, his arms still locking tight around me. My energy drains out from the struggle and my throat is raw from the screaming.
Letting out small whimpers, I drift into a restless sleep.

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