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We visit my brother the next day. There is still that painful ache in my chest whenever I think about my brother. I'm still in pain, but I am slowly healing.
Justin holds my hand the entire time as I talk to my brother. Telling him I'm sorry. And telling him goodbye.
“Lucas, I promise I will take care of your sister for the rest of her life. And I will make her so damn happy. I will love her with all my heart, brother-in-law,” Justin says.
“Brother-in-law?” I raise my eyebrow at him.
“Of course. If you are to be my wife, then he's my brother-in-law.”
“What kind of proposal is that?” I push him. “Shouldn't you ask me and present me the ring first?”
Justin rolls his eyes. “Fine woman, we'll buy the rings later. Will you marry me?” And that question fills the last crack of my soul with his love and strengthens me.
“I’d like that very much,” I whisper.
Justin and I walk through the fields, hand in hand. I feel like I've become a new person. I look at Justin, my soon to be husband. My husband. It sounds delightful. Justin has a frown on his face and I feel a restless energy inside him.
“What's wrong?” I ask him.
“Nothing,” he breathes. “It's just that… my ex-bride left me on the altar during our wedding day. It makes me feel insecure.”
“I won't leave you,” I say firmly.
“I know but… I'm still nervous.”
“Then let's go,” I say as I pull him towards the car.
“A ring can easily be taken off but if you want something permanent to mark our love, then we can do this.”
“Do what?” he asks.
“We'll see,” I say sweetly.

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