Foto bij Chapter 7 // Useless

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I stared at her, then burst out laughing. My sister had had a crush on Draco ever since she could walk, even though he was five years older than she was and never showed any interest in her. But Sophia wasn’t one to give up. If she wanted something, she’d take it, no matter what.
‘Yeah, I think he’s coming,’ I tried to hide my chuckles when she gave me an angry look.
‘Then I might have to spray some extra perfume,’ she muttered, ‘or maybe I should take some of mom’s make-up?’
‘I don’t think that’s a clever idea,’ I sniffed and caught a whiff of the flowery perfume she was wearing, ‘any more and you might turn into a flower. Besides, dad will kill you if he finds out you’ve been putting on make-up.’
‘But he wouldn’t kill me during the party, in front of his friends, right?’ she answered as she started rummaging through our mother’s cabinet. ‘So, Draco would see me in all my beauty. I think that’s worth dying for.’
I thought Sophia was taking it a bit far, but I didn’t mention it.
‘Don’t think you’ll be having Draco all to yourself tonight,’ Sophia stared at me through the mirror, ‘I want a piece of him. If I had known he would show up, I would have never made you look so pretty.’
There it was. My sister didn’t just look like my mother. Occasionally her horrible side would show too. I raised my eyebrow at her and waved my hand.
‘You can have him,’ I murmured, and I rushed out of the bathroom, just in time to hear my father open the front door. I stood at the top of the stairs and looked over the railing.
‘Lucius!’ My father’s deep voice reached the top of the stairs. The Malfoys were standing in the doorway, all dressed in black, ‘Come in, come in!’
I rolled the discomfort out of my shoulders and walked down the stairs. Draco saw me and waved, just as my sister ran past me and gave me a firm push with her shoulder. She deliberately walked to the front door, greeted Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy with a bow and started conversing with Draco.
I snorted deeply, held my breath for a moment and breathed out through my mouth. I put a smile on my face and went to greet the Malfoys.
‘Hello again, Katherine,’ Mr. Malfoy said, after I bowed to him. My father must have had a curious look on his face, because Mr. Malfoy started talking about our meeting in Diagon Alley.
‘Yes, she was very polite, as usual,’ it didn’t happen often that I received a sincere compliment, so I smiled shyly and stared at my shoes, ‘she seemed to be doing very well on her own. Fast and practical. If only our Draco was more like her.’
‘Lucius, our Draco is fine the way he is,’ Mrs. Malfoy gave her husband a little push and smiled.
‘I hope she didn’t cause you any trouble,’ my mother’s cold voice reached us from the living room, ‘she’s been causing a lot of trouble lately.’
Lucius laughed coldly and raised an eyebrow at me. My father escorted them to the living room and I watched as my sister held up her arm so that Draco could accompany her, but he ignored her and came walking beside me, hands in his pockets.
‘I can’t wait to go to Hogwarts,’ I muttered, ‘getting away from this place will be the best thing that ever happened to me.’
The room became more crowded when more and more people arrived. I knew most of the children, but since I didn’t have a bond with any of them, I stayed away.
My sister followed Draco everywhere, even when he was with his Hogwarts buddies. She didn’t let go of him until he went to the bathroom. I grinned. Poor Draco. All that attention would surely go to his head.
Bonkers was having a terrible time. I saw her running around and felt sorry for the poor creature. But she did her job well and I didn’t see my mother give her angry glances, which meant she didn’t have to be punished yet.
My mother seemed to be having an enjoyable time, which was a pleasant change. She laughed at lame jokes, chatted with each guest and even drank a few glasses.
It was only during dessert that she recovered her usual evil self. I felt the atmosphere change around her and I knew that she had been pretending to be cute and adorable for far too long.
‘So, Lucius, you said you met Katherine in Diagon Alley?’ my mother’s gaze slipped in my direction, ‘how did you find her?’
She talked about me as if I was overdue wine.
‘I think Slytherin can expect an excellent witch within it’s ranks,’ Lucius said, repeating what he had told me.
‘Slytherin?’ my mother repeated, clearly in shock, ‘do you think she’ll be a Slytherin?’
Lucius smiled, ‘I would be surprised if she didn’t follow the family line, Sherron. She is a Macmillan, after all.’
‘She’s a disgrace,’ my mother said fiercely. I could hear my father sigh, but I kept looking at my mother, waiting for more she would say to humiliate me. ‘She lacks ambition and resourcefulness. She useless.’
The guests laughed. I did my best to hold back my angers and bit the inside of my cheek, but my mother wasn’t done yet.
‘I think she would make a nice doormat for Hufflepuff house, although I would be surprised if the Sorting Hat actually put her in a house. I think he’ll be sending her right back home.’
Again laughter. I clenched my fist and shoved my chair back abruptly as I got up.
‘If being a Slytherin means being like you, then I’ll happily take any other house,’ I threw my napkin on the table and turned around, ‘if you’ll excuse me, I have better stuff to do than sit around and amuse you.’
The silence was deafening. I didn’t even dare to look at my father or sister. With my head held high, I walked out. My heart thumped in my throat and my mouth was dry. The adrenaline flowed through my body. I had put my mother in place in front of all her friends and I was sure I would suffer the consequence, but at the moment it felt so good to finally get some of it off my chest that I didn’t care.

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