Foto bij Chapter 17 // The Cave

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Somewhere along the way, professor Flitwick started crying, although he tried to hide it and that made me tear up too.
‘A week ago, everything was fine,’ I finished, ‘now, everything just turned to shit, and I don’t even understand it.’
‘Oh, poor girl,’ professor Flitwick sniffed as he patted my hand, ‘come with me. Everything will be fine. We’ll find a way. I’ll contact your parents and …’
‘No, please, don’t,’ I interrupted him, ‘That would only make things worse. I’ll fix this, I promise. It won’t happen again.’
‘Please, sir,’ I pleaded, ‘I’ll be fine. I can do this. I’ll work hard and take care of this.’
Professor Flitwick sighed and nodded. ‘Fine, but if anything happens, you come to me, understood?
I nodded and somehow, I felt relieved, not only because he wouldn’t let my parents know, but because I knew I had someone to turn to when I was in need.
‘Thank you, professor,’ I turned to Firenze, ‘thank you, sir. It’s been a pleasure to meet you.’
‘And you,’ Firenze answered, ‘Stay out off the forest, miss Macmillan. Although, if you’re in trouble, you can always let me know. I’ll try to help you in any way I can. Nice to see you again, Hagrid!’
Then he turned around, waved goodbye and left.
‘Good think Luna Lovegood came to us,’ professor McGonagall said, as we walked back to the castle, ‘without her, we probably wouldn’t have noticed. I don’t even want to think about what could have happened.’
‘Luna told you?’ I asked.
‘Yes, off course,’ professor McGonagall, ‘you have been hanging around with her, haven’t you?’
‘I have, but…’ I bit my lip, ‘I guess I didn’t think she’d care enough. She is a bit strange.’
‘I believe people would say the same about you,’ professor Flitwick squeaked and winked, which made me chuckle.
‘I guess they would,’ I smiled, ‘then maybe Luna and I will make great friends, since we’re both weird anyway.’
When we entered the castle, some people stared at me. I looked at the four house point hourglasses. The little amount of points that Ravenclaw already gathered today were gone again and I felt a pang of guilt.
‘Well, now that you’re save and sound again, you’ll have to excuse me,’ professor McGonagall said, ‘goodnight, miss Macmillan and try to stay out of trouble.’ And then, to professor Flitwick, ‘I’d keep an eye on this one. I know what it is like, a student who attracts trouble, since I have Potter and the Weasleys.’
‘She’ll be just fine,’ professor Flitwick assured, which, again, gave me a very warm feeling. ‘Now, miss Macmillan, please return to your common room. I will not allow anyone to sleep in my class tomorrow.’
And with that, they walked off, leaving me with Hagrid.
‘Nice fella’, Firenze,’ Hagrid beamed, ‘good thing ye ran into ‘im.’
‘He knew my father,’ I said, ‘Firenze said he had a cave in the forest. Do you know about that, Hagrid?’
Hagrid frowned. ‘Can’t say I do. Ye sure ye heard right?’
‘Positive,’ I answered, ‘he said my father visited regularly, but in his sixth year, after he started dating my mother, he’d only go down to his little cave. It should be somewhere to the west.’
‘Just don’t go there,’ Hagrid said, looking down on me, ‘and don’t go lookin’ for it. The west part of the forest is the most dangerous.’
That perked my interest, because I started wondering what my father would have been hiding in the forest, but I decided it was best not to tell Hagrid. If he didn’t know about it, then he couldn’t help me.
‘Goodnight, Hagrid,’ I said instead. He nodded, and I started up the stairs towards the Ravenclaw common room. I kept thinking about my father sneaking away in the middle of the night to hide in his cave. What did he do there? And what was so interesting that he couldn’t do it here in the castle? Was it that secret? I couldn’t think of anything dangerous my father was interested in, unless being a death-eater. He hadn’t been a death-eater when he was in school. Or maybe he had been. As I knocked the bronze knocker, I came to the realisation that I knew absolutely nothing about my father, or my mother for that matter. Had they ever been honest with me? I couldn’t know for sure. Not until I found that cave and its hidden secrets.

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