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‘You were amazing!’ Ginny’s voice was the only thing pulling me back to reality, to keep me from breaking down in the middle of the hallway.
‘What?’ I asked in confusion.
‘That disarming charm was awesome!’ she started clapping her hands in excitement. ‘He didn’t stand a chance. When did you learn that?’
‘I read about it at home,’ I answered, wondering if I could make an excuse to get rid of her and be alone.
‘You must be really smart,’ she took my arm and dragged me towards the great hall. ‘Come sit with me, please. I bet my brothers would love to meet you and hear all about it!’
‘I really shouldn’t,’ I tried to pull lose from her grasp, but she wouldn’t let me go. Some people from the Ravenclaw table were already looking at me and I decided it was best not to make a scene. I waved at Luna, who pulled up an eyebrow, shrugged and started munching down again.
‘Hey, move over, Ron,’ Ginny pushed me down next to boy with fiery red hair and a freckled complexion like hers. ‘Katherine, this is Ronald, my brother. Don’t pay attention to him, he’s a moron.’
‘Good morning to you too, Ginny.’
She ignored him. ‘This is Hermione Granger.’
‘We’ve met,’ I interrupted her, ‘Ginny, I really shouldn’t…’
‘And this is Harry Potter,’ Ginny pointed at a boy with untidy jet-black hair and startling green eyes under round-rimmed glasses. Peeking out from under his unruly hair was a scar shaped like a lightning bolt. I did my best not to stare.
‘You’re the Macmillan girl, right?’ Ron asked, ‘everyone’s talking about you.’
‘I know,’ I tried to smile. ‘I’ll return to my table now if you don’t mind.’
‘Why?’ Harry asked, after taking a sip, ‘you just got here.’
‘I don’t feel comfortable,’ I admitted, ‘I shouldn’t be at the Gryffindor table.’
‘Shouldn’t you be at the Slytherin table?’ Ron tried to say under his breath, but he failed miserably, and I stared at him.
‘Ron!’ Hermione exclaimed and hit him.
‘I’m going,’ I said, and I got up until Ginny pulled me down again.
‘Sit down,’ she said sternly, and she reminded me a bit off McGonagall, ‘apologize, Ron! Katherine is my friend.’
‘Since when?’ Ron snorted.
‘Since she stopped Malfoy from bullying me by showing him how a true witch uses her wand,’ Ginny beamed as she told them all the gory details about how I knocked Goyle down. By the time the bell rang for my first lesson, the story had circulated around the Gryffindor table and by the time that Ginny and I found Luna in front of the charms classroom, the rumor had started to live his own life.
I saw people point at me and I could hear the whispers. A boy from Hufflepuff even gave me a thumbs-up.
I felt bad about it. Even though Draco ignored me, drove me crazy and made my blood boil, to me, he was still that boy I met five years ago. Maybe if I got him alone, I might be able to fix things.
‘Oh, you haven’t met, right?’ Luna was staring at Ginny so intently that I felt obliged to say something, ‘Ginny, this is Luna Lovegood.’
‘Nice to meet you!’ Ginny smiled, but Luna just continued to stare at her. After a while, it became so awkward that I tried talking about quidditch, but Luna just wouldn’t budge. Her eyes were glued to Ginny’s face.
‘You’re prettier than I thought you’d be,’ Luna suddenly stated, when professor Flitwick opened the door to his classroom. She turned around and went inside, leaving us with our mouths hanging open.
‘I’m so sorry about that,’ I said, but Ginny started laughing instead. ‘Seriously, she’s crazy.’
‘She’s honest,’ Ginny said, walking through the classroom, looking for a seat. I pointed towards Luna, who was holding to seats.
‘No, honestly, she’s really odd,’ I whispered, ‘She believes that Cornelis Fudge orders goblins to be made into pies. Or something like that.’
Ginny blinked, but decided that she didn’t care, because she came with me to sit next to Luna.
It turned out that I was a high-flier when it came to charms. Professor Flitwick started with a lecture on the wand-lightning charm, Lumos. To show him that I was serious about trying hard, I started jotting down notes. When he looked at me, I could have sworn that I saw a glimpse of pride on his face, but it must have been my imagination because I didn’t see it again afterwards.
‘Can anyone tell me when the wand-lightning charm was invented?’
The class stayed quiet and I slowly raised my hand. Professor Flitwick nodded.
‘Lumos wasn’t invented until the 18th century. The charm was invented by Levina Monkstanley and she used it for the first time in the Ministry of Magic in 1772.’
‘Very good,’ professor Flitwick chuckled, ‘ten points to Ravenclaw.’
After that comment, I felt a little better and I worked hard to master the charm. The incantation wasn’t hard to remember and even the wand movement was just a little flick, so it wasn’t to hard. After a couple of tries, the tip of my wand appeared lemon-yellow and gave of a warm glow.
‘Very good, miss Macmillan,’ professor Flitwick praised, ‘another ten points to Ravenclaw. Everyone take a look, please.’
After that, I started helping Ginny and Luna out. Ginny turned out to be a great witch and she got the hang of it quickly. Luna turned out to be a different story. By the time the class was dismissed, she had over-charged her wand, which was now giving of a vibrant scarlet color. Professor Flitwick told her she shouldn’t worry, but I was scared that she would accidentally set her wand alight, so every time she casted the spell, I would lean back a little more.

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