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After that, Luna and I started focussing on the cave, instead of the Chamber. Ginny stopped talking to us altogether, and I suspected that the rumours about me knowing something about the Chamber had reached her too.
Whenever we had some time off, we’d go to the library, looking for anything we could find about the forbidden forest. Madam Pince, the librarian, was a thin, irritable woman who looked like an underfed vulture. She spend her time eying us suspiciously, but since we didn’t do anything but read books and write down notes, she never seemed to have a reason to throw us out.
‘Listen to this,’ I whispered, ‘The Forbidden Forest is a patch of untamed forest that grows on the grounds of Hogwarts School. It is home to many magical creatures, including unicorns and centaurs. The Forest has received its name because it is forbidden to all students, except in exceptional circumstances.’
‘What exceptional circumstances?’ Luna whispered as she scanned the text, ‘Do you think we could get permission to go in there?’
‘I doubt it,’ I answered, ‘don’t they go there for Care of Magical Creatures?’
‘Maybe we should ask the Gamekeeper? His hut is at the edge of the Forbidden Forest.’
‘Already asked him,’ I said, ‘he told me he didn’t know about a cave and said to stay away. Apparently, the west part is the most dangerous one.’
‘Maybe we could talk to professor Kettleburn? He’s been around longer than most of the other teachers. He might know something?’
‘Let’s talk to him as soon as possible. If there is a way to get into the Forbidden Forest, he’ll know about it.’
‘Shouldn’t you be at breakfast right now?’ Madam Pince gave us a dirty look and shooed us out of the library.
‘Hey, girls!’ Jason waved at us as we walked into the Great Hall and pointed at some seats, ‘Excited?’
‘What for?’ Luna asked as she started to fill her plate.
‘Quidditch, off course!’ Jason said in disbelieve, ‘Gryffindor against Slytherin, this Saturday. Didn’t you know.’
‘We were busy,’ I defended us, ‘So, who’ll win?’
‘I’m hoping Gryffindor,’ Jason said, ‘but Ravenclaw is divided. Some of us are rooting for Slytherin.’

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