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As Easter drew nearer, Luna and I spend more and more time in the library, looking up spells that could be useful and learning the map of the Forbidden Forest by heart. But it wasn’t just that. Going up to the common room had become a real pain in the ass for me. My Ravenclaw mates avoided me, talked behind my back and never in my life had I felt so alone. It didn’t matter how good my grades were, how many house points I won or how hard I worked; they always found something to bring me down. Even Jason, who had been friendly to me and kept some of the older Ravenclaws of my back, seemed to keep his distance. Only Luna turned out to be a real friend, and people all around us said she was stark raving mad.
‘We should just go up to her and ask her if she wants to teach us,’ Luna said. We were discussing how to learn some healing spells and, even more important, how we would practise them. Luna had suggested to hurt herself on purpose, so that I could use a healing spell, but I had opposed to the idea. Not only did she get hurt on her own without trying, I just didn’t want my friend to hurt herself for my sake.
‘I don’t think she will make a problem if we just tell her that we want to work with her,’ I chewed on the back of my feather and immediately stopped when a horrible taste reached my mouth. ‘I mean, she could use some help up there, with all the attacks.’
Luna nodded and that’s how we ended up on the hospital wing, assisting madam Pomfrey. Every Saturday we went down to the first floor, where we helped students and staff who suffered mishaps and injuries. Madam Pomfrey was a strict, but very sweet lady and I actually started to enjoy getting up early to help her out. She would’ve been a great teacher, if she hadn’t chosen to spend her days looking after the injured. Nonetheless, she worked with passion and it was obvious that she was made to be a nurse.
‘I’ll miss the days in the hospital wing,’ Luna said, after another shift.
‘Really?’ we started up the stairs to the Ravenclaw common room, then, at the same time, changed our minds and headed in the direction of the library, ‘I thought you didn’t like it.’
‘I do. She’s so sweet. And we learn so much. I don’t think I ever learned that much before.’
‘Maybe if you would be paying attention in class,’ she acted like she didn’t hear me as we entered the library. We found a table, took some books out off the shelves and started on homework and studying. After a while, I started to whisper again.
‘We should go over it one more time.’
Luna sighed, closed her books and stared at me. We had become so close that I didn’t need to hear her words to know what she thought.
‘What if something goes wrong?’ I argued, ‘we could get stuck there!’
‘Would you please shut up?’ I’d never seen her so determined before. ‘We’ve got this. We know the maps, the creatures, the spells. We found the path and documented all the places were the cave could be hidden. We know what to do!’
‘Yeah, but…’
‘No buts! If you want to find the cave, we go tonight. No more waiting and thinking and searching for clues that aren’t there. We go tonight!’
I looked down, staring at my potions homework. I knew she was right. We had to go. The Easter holidays began this morning and we had agreed that the we’d use these two weeks. Finally, I nodded.
‘Fine, tonight.’

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