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Dear Diary,
Firstly, my apologies for the lapse in entries. We were once so close Ė but now I canít remember when I last wrote you. Being a sixth year really is a drag. Last year I was studying for my O.W.Lís, now Iím getting ready for my N.E.W.Tís for the end of next year. Being a prefect doesnít make it any easier. Itís crazy. Iíve been working my butt off. But Iím not here to complain. I do like the rush. Keeps me on my toes.
I actually had a great day today. I finally worked up the courage to ask Sherron Rowle to the Yule Ball. I almost shit my pants when I talked to her but she said yes. Iím guessing Iím not a total loser. Sheís, like, the hottest girl in Slytherin. And Iím the one taking her.
It might be the only moment to spend time with her, so Iím going to enjoy it to the fullest. Nothing will stand in my way.
Iíll try to visit La Casa Cueva again, a.s.a.p., but I canít promise anything. Iíll see you again next time and maybe Iíll be able to tell you more about my Yule Ball date!

I closed the book I had taken from La Casa Cueva. It turned out to be my fatherís diary and I felt like I knew my father better, now that I read through his entries. Most off his entries were about Magical Creatures. It turned out that he wasnít just interested in magical creatures, but that he was also thinking about working with them, when he got out of Hogwarts. He actually wanted to work at the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, the second largest department in the Ministry of Magic. I guessed my mother was the reason he decided to become an obliviator, instead of chasing his dream.
And now I finally arrived at the most interesting part: why, how and when my father and mother got involved. Apparently, when they went to Hogwarts, they could have parties at Christmas. I wondered when they stopped doing that. I always loved Christmas and a party would definitely be the cherry on top, although the Christmas meal was great too.
ĎKath?í Luna stepped into the dormitory and frowned, ĎDidnít you have detention with Flitwick today?í
ĎShit!í I jumped of my bed, grabbed the diary and shoved it in the pockets of my robes, ĎIíll see you at dinner, right?í
ĎSure,í Luna pushed my out of the dormitory and into the common room, ĎHey, I finished that book we took from the cave. When are we going back? Iíd love to take another look at those bookshelves.í
It had been a little over a week since we found the cave and we hadnít even found the time to go back there. Between homework, studying and finishing the books we brought, we also had to be careful of being caught, both by Jason, who seemed to be keeping an extra eye on me and professor Flitwick, who wasnít at all happy to see me in detention.
ĎTonight?í I grinned, Ďwe should be able to pull it off, right?í
ĎIíll think of a way to get rid of that cumbubble.í

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