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"Just because you don't have a prince,
doesn't mean you're not a princess."



Ariana Grande concert(2O15)
x Audition for a serie
x Boy/girlfriend
x Cut my hair off for more than 15 cm
x Dye my hair
Have too many CD's
x Festival
x Finsh a Story
x Have the confirmation that Larry is true
x Graduate (2O19)
x Jump off a rock
x Kiss in the Rain
x Make a world trip
x Mallorca, Ibiza
x Meet my gucvugirks
x (Nose)-piercing
Record a single
Start a vlog
x Tattoo
x USA roadtrip
x Write a smut story 
Write a song

x Ariana Grande / The Honeymoon Tour - 28.O5.2O15
x Dua Lipa / US & Europe Tour - O9.O4.2O17
x Little Mix / The Glory Days Tour - O3.O6.2O17
x Dua Lipa / The Self Titled Tour - O5.11.2O17
x Harry Styles / Live on Tour - 14.O3.2O18
x Niall Horan / Flicker World Tour - 28.O4.2O18
x Rita Ora / The Girls Tour - 21.O5.2O18
x Katy Perry / Witness The Tour - 26.O5.2O18
x Demi Lovato / Tell Me You Love Me Tour - 18.O6.2O18
x Ed Sheeran / Divide Stadium Tour - 28.O6.2O18
x Shawn Mendes / The Tour -O8.O3.2O19

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