Foto bij Chapter 47 // Thruth hurts more

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He was not my father. I guess it was clear from the moment I read the dairy, but seeing it writing in his own handwriting, made it more real than ever before. I sat in the rocking chair, staring at the fire. Knowing that it was true didnít make the pain any worse, which surprised me, but it didnít make me feel any better either.
The thing I was most surprised about, however, was the fact that they did everything they could to make me come home, and it didnít make me feel anything at all. No joy, no happiness, nothing. In fact, I felt rather annoyed by the thought of going home. Being away from everything had cleared my mind and it dawned on me that I just didnít want to go home. I was young, and I didnít have a place to go, or a way to support myself. But I knew that I didnít want to live in that hellhole anymore. I was done with living in fear.
I got up, threw the letter in the flames and left the cave. I slowly walked through the forest, as if seeing it for the first time. The darkness didnít scare me as much as it did before. I found my way without looking, my feet taking me where I needed to go. I swam up the river, reaching the lake without trouble.
Thatís when it happened. I was just about to swim to the shore when a slimy tentacle curled around my leg and pulled me down. It turned black all around me. The cold hugged my body. The water numbed my senses. I didnít hear anything, didnít see anything, didnít feel anything. The squid pulled me deeper and deeper into the soft, cold blanket. I kicked and thrusted. I felt the water that weighed on me, pushed me down, deeper into the darkness. I wanted to scream, but the water filled my mouth. My lungs burned for air. The more I struggled, the more disorientated I got. Nothing made sense anymore. I pushed with my arms and legs, struggling to reach the surface. I didnít even know which way was up anymore.
Suddenly a bright green light lit up the dark water and something caught my arm. I hung on to it with all my might, feeling a strong arm pulling me closer. I kicked and thrusted, trying to get my head above the water. Unexpectedly, I broke through the surface. I grabbed the arm even tighter, keeping my eyes close as I was lead back to the shore.
ĎWhat the hell are you doing?í I opened my eyes and stared. His grey eyes blazed with anger, his hair stuck against his forehead. I reached up, wiping the hair from his face. His face tensed, but he didnít pull away.
ĎDraco,í I whispered, tears filling my eyes, Ďthank you.í
ĎWhatís going on? Why are you in the lake?í
I just smiled. My hand slid down to his cheek, caressing the wound that the squid mustíve inflicted on him. He just looked at me, emotionless.
ĎI miss you,í I whispered. My hand fell to my side and I looked down as I got up.
ĎKath,í I heard him call after me, but I didnít look back. I couldnít deal with him right now.

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