Short drabble I made

Her eyes were cold and lifeless as she stared at me. "You have no idea who I am, do you?" A creepy smile appeared on her face eyes still lifeless. I am beginning to think it wasn't a good plan to put the knife in her, but an order is an order. Slowly she pulls out my knife from her chest. The black goop has stopped flowing, the wound is closing. "Who sent you, the Russians, Cubans, Japanese maybe". "What no, why would they sent me, I am English". "So MI6, a Kingsman or Service foundation". "You're not suppose to know we excist", my agency is the best kept secret and she knows. "You're surprised, you think you're the first to try to kill me, do you? Well wrong": she snarls wavinv my knife around. I grab my gun from my waist and point it at her. She looks annoyed maybe even bored, but she surrenders. I shoot her straight between her eyes, her head snaps back but she straightens again. "Happy now": she hisses, "I can't die, not after what they did to me. I should know I tried, everything": she now screams, tears spilling from her eyes. I stand frozen, why would the agency sent me after an unkillable target. "You don't even know why they want me dead, do you?". "I don't ask the file doesn't passes my desk without reason". "You want a reason": she cries. "I am their failed sciene experiment and you should make me dissapear". "The agency": I mutter. "No not your agency specific. Four countries came together to create the perfect soldier. And you know who volunteered. Nobody. So they took the childern of their streets. Many of us died but a handful survived and now we are hunted. Just so their dark deeds don't get out": she yells at me. Its extra disturbing with the black goo still spilling from the gun shot I inflicted. Russia, Japan, Cuba and England they made her and now they want to cover it up. Horiffied I feel, could their really be such an alliange out there. "You're confused right, good then you know how I felt after I woke up. I was promissed safety, food, a roof over my head": she is still crying and yelling at me. I wasn't prepared for my target to be crying. I can't deal with emotions that well. That's why I am a assassian, well one of the reasons at least. Safety was one for me too and I am good at the job. Never asked questions and did my job. But now my world is crumbling beneath me and I'm lost in a sea of black.

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