As a little girl I was very vulnerable to what people told me or to whom people told me to be. I was always listening to what others told me and what they wanted me to be.
I always carried that vulnerability with me. It even shaped me to a point where I had no clue of whom I really was.
I was very indecisive and I wanted to be everything, everybody else was.
Until I fell, head first and I fell pretty hard.

“I had always neglected the author in me, simply because the woman told me I wasn’t good enough.
My sentences made no sense and my stories were all over the place. That kind of criticism was very hard for me. Writing helped me with my mental health issues when I was little kid
I started writing simply because of who I was, was never good enough. Just as the woman told me. So I’d decide to be somebody else. Somebody I could never be, be always wished to be.
I had written my heart and soul on those papers.
But I never got the compliments I expected to get.
She never told me I had some talent,
she never gave a compliment,
she never smiled at me,
She never told I was doing great.”

To cut a long story short…
The woman I was talking about was the woman in me, when I was nearly 14 years old.
My success will never be about a prize I won, or about doing something incredible as helping people in need;
My story is about to power to overcome the critic in me and the critics around me.
I’d finally learn how to let go of ‘I will never be good enough’
Simply because I learned that ‘being good’ or ‘being talented’ is defined by society.
And society changes, all the time.

- C.J. Harbor

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