ďDonít trust meĒ

"Honey, time to wake up!"

I rolled over and covered my head with the pillow. I was too tired for school. I was too tired for anything. It was six o'clock in the morning for Christ's sake. How the hell was I expected to be fully functional when the sun was too lazy to even get up this early? It was insanity.

"Honey!" her voice came again. I groaned. 'Honey' didn't want to get up now. 'Honey' was too tired to go to school. 'Honey' would like to tell you to go to hell.
"Honey! Are you up?" came that voice again.

"Yeah!" I called. Go to hell you damn morning person.
Groggily, I rolled out of bed and fell onto the floor, tangled up in my sheets. I kicked my legs free and stumbled over to my closet. I grabbed a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a black Hollywood Undead t-shirt off their hangers. I got changed and went into my bathroom.

I brushed my teeth and splashed some cold water on my tan and exhausted looking face. I winced as I brutally pulled my brush through my dark curls. Once my hair was presentable I outlined my baby blues in dark eyeliner. After that I shuffled back into my room and shoved my feet into my converse and slung my bag over one shoulder. I glanced at my digital clock and realized I was running late.

I ran down the stairs, taking them two at a time.I skidded into the kitchen and, as expected, my mom, dad, and older brothers were in the kitchen. My mom was cleaning up the counter from making breakfast and my dad was flipping through the paper. Jake and Ken were scarfing down eggs at the table. Boys, they eat so much. It was miracle my parents and I hadn't starved to death.

"Morning Becky," Jake said smugly. He knew I hated that nickname.
"Don't make me snap your neck," I threatened.

"You know for an emo you inflict more pain on others then yourself," Jake muttered.
"Jake," my mom rebuked.

I snickered; suck on that pretty boy.
"Honey, do you want any eggs?" my mom asked.

"No, I'm going to Kate's house . . . I'll eat there," I said.
"Alright," my mother said, "Will you being going to the Kardigan's after school too?"

"Assuming that today is like every other day, yes" I said. Seriously though; I went over Kate's house everyday, why would today be any different? Was the pope coming by for tea?
"Well make sure you and Kate actually get your homework done instead of goofing off all afternoon," my mom said.

"We will. You know Kate's like a genius," I reminded her.
"That's not all she is," Jake said, smirking as Ken snickered.
"Stay away from my freinds," I snapped.

"You know it's a mystery to me why the hottest girl in school is best friends with you," Jake said.
"You know what else is a mystery" I retorted, "How you can get dressed in the morning."

"Children, stop fighting. Now, Jake, leave your sister alone and eat your breakfast. You're gonna be late. And Becca, you get going. And tell Mrs. Kardigan I said hi," my mom told us.
"Okay" I said "Bye."

I walked out the front door and began the walk to the Kardigans house. It was a little cold out, but perfectly typical for October in New York. People waved to me as they passed me on the street and I waved back, sometimes. Some people didn't deserve a wave. It didn't take me long to reach the Kardigans humongous house. Seriously though, it was freakin' massive. The Kardigan's were mad rich, like legit. They're house looked like it came straight off one of those home decorator magazines, what with it's greek columns and white stone it looked like it belonged next door to the Parthenon.

I just walked right in; I didn't knock or anything. I had been here every day since I was six. The Kardigans considered me a second daughter. I was practically family and family didn't knock to enter their own house. I knew immediately that Kate was in the kitchen, I could smell the blueberry pancakes the second I entered the house. I waltzed into the stainless steel, very fancy, kitchen to find Kate sitting at the table with a plate of untouched pancakes in front of her.

Kate was beautiful. I wasn't a lesbo or anything but it was impossible not to notice how stunning she was. She was dainty and small; one of those petite little girls that guys always went crazy for. She had long blonde hair that reached down to her tiny waist. Her bone pale skin was flawless and looked like porclain. She had plump pink lips, a perfect nose, and big eyes that were the strangest color of silver and darkly lashed. She wore skinny jeans and a grey zip-up Hollister sweatshirt.

At first sight we didn't look like we should be friends because I mean, c'mon, she looks like a total prep. But in this case, appearances were actually wrong. Kate and I practically shared a brain and we'd been best friends since we met in first grade. Her mom, Mrs. Kardigan, was cooking. She looked like she was in her mid thirties with long blonde hair and was thinner then any mom should be.

"Hi, Becca," she greeted me.
"Hi, Mrs. Kardigan," I answered, "Whats for breakfast today?"

"Blueberry pancakes, your favorite," she grinned. Blueberry pancakes were my pot. Actually, pot was my pot. Blueberry pancakes were my crack.
"Excellent," I purred as I sat down across from Kate. Mrs. Kardigan brought me a syrupy plate of pancakes and I dug in. Kate didn't touch hers but it didn't surprise me. The girl was so damn skinny it didn't surprise me that she hardly ever ate anything.

I was just about done, and I was gonna tell Kate we should go when Austin walked in; Kate's gorgeous twin brother. He was much taller then Kate but you could tell they were related. He had the same golden hair, pale skin, and silver eyes as his twin. On top of those already nice features, he had an amazing body and a gorgeous face. Not to mention an amazing personality, just as sarcastic and dismissive as me. What more could a girl ask for?

"Morning mom," he said in a voice like honey, as he went over to the fridge and dug around in it.
"I see somebody finally decided to wake up," Kate said sarcastically.

"I didn't decide to wake up. Someone just happened to throw a clock radio at my head about ten minutes ago," Austin retorted sarcastically.
"I know you don't think it was me, brother dearest," Kate said with mock innocent.

Austin closed the fridge, and turned to face us with his perfect lips in the shape of a smirk. He had two blue sports bottles in his hands and threw one to Kate as he rolled his eyes. She caught it effortlessly and opened it to guzzle some down. Austin did the same.

"Well, I had to wake you up somehow. 'Cause if you didn't come I would have to drvie us. . . " Kate trailed off mischeviously.
"Hey," Austin said, "Don't touch my Mercedes"

"I'm not gonna touch your beloved car but if you continue sleeping in, one day I might have to. If I can't wake you up that is. You do sleep like the dead," Kate said smirking.
Something about it made me feel like I was missing some kind of inside joke. I hated that feeling.

Austin smirked, "Be that as it may, don't touch my car"
"Okay, okay," Kate said, "Chill out. I was just teasing you"

Austin sat down next to me at the table. Not eating, just drinking and talking.

"So Becca," he said, "Why does it feel like you spend more time in my house then I do?"
"Ugh, maybe cause you're never home?" Kate suggested sarcastically.

"I have a very active social life. Is that a crime?" Austin asked rhetorically.
"And by 'active social life' you mean entertaining your many lovers?" I asked.

He smiled, revealing all of his ultra-white teeth, "Exactly"
Kate rolled her eyes and took another swigg from her water bottle.

"We gotta get going," Austin said, glancing at the clock on the oven, "Or we're gonna be late again. I wouldn't care usually, but I'm tired of Mrs. What's-Her-Name chewing me out every day." He hadn't even attempted to have any breakfast. Austin ate a surprisingly small amount of food for a teenage boy (a quarterback nonetheless!) but I was used to it.

"Okay, Okay. God, can we eat?" Kate asked, even though she hadn't even touched her food.
"You can," Austin said, "But somehow I doubt you will."

She rolled her eyes as she gathered up her books. I picked up my bookbag too, and headed for the door.
"Bye Mrs. Kardigan!" I called at the same time that Kate called, "Bye Mom!"

"Bye girls," she called back, "Have a nice day." We paused at the door, waiting for Austin. He grabbed his keys off the table and slung his bag over his shoulder.
"Bye Mom," he said as he passed her.

"Wait," she said, pulling him into a hug. Even though he was facing away from me, I knew for a fact that he was rolling his eyes.
"Bye baby," she said, releasing him.

"Bye Mom," he said again, in a voice that suggested that she should really stop talking. She simply smiled and disappeared into the Kardigan's living room. Kate and I continued to wait by the door while Austin put his favorite grey "Cold Spring Hawks" sweatshirt on over his "Three Days Grace" t-shirt.

"C'mon baby, we don't have all day," I said mockingly. Mrs. Kardigan always seemed to baby Austin, even though he was only the baby of the family by like a minute. Kate was a minute older and there older brother, Alex, was like five years older and in college. Still, Austin was usually regarded as Mrs. Kardigan's favorite, it seemed like.

"Get bent Callaway," he told me.
"Right back at 'cha Kardigan," I said as we all headed out the door and into the Kardigan's driveway. Three cars were settled there; a black mercedes, a silver crossover, and a 50's mustang in mint condition.

Austin slid into the front seat of his Mercedes, and me and Kate climbed in back. We preferred to sit together so we could talk, or more precilesly gossip. And when we were done gossiping, we were saying stupid things and making references to Spongebob. Austin shot us indulgent smiles with the mirror every tme we said something really out there. He'd been giving us that smile since the first time I came over the Kardigan's in first grade.

It was a smile that said "You guys are crazy but I love you two, anyway" That smile always floored me. Austin's general presence always floored me actually.
His looks, his voice, his sense of humor, his attitude. Everything about him screamed "Notice me!" ""Love me" "Don't trust me!" "Have sex with me!"

I definitely noticed him, and sometimes I thought that maybe, just maybe, I loved him. And sometimes I felt like I really didn't trust him either. He was my good friend, but he had that whole bad boy thing going for him. But I definitely wasn't having sex with him. I'd leave that last part to the cheerleading squad and all the other girls Austin screwed with. Currently, he was screwing Julie Manderson, his latest girlfriend. I didn't like her, because she was just a total conceded bitch. It also could have something to do with the fact that she's getting laid with the guy I'm possibly in love with. It didn't matter though, Austin got a new girlfriend like every two months. It seemed like he got bored easily.

Kate was exactly the same way. She always had a boyfriend, except she keeps hers around longer then Austin. They tended to stick around for a good eight months before she dumped them. Her current boyfriend was Ryan, a very cute but not too interesting soccer player. He'd been dating for Kate for the last six months or so. So, I wouldn't have to deal with Ryan much longer. And Julie would be getting the boot in a week or two.

It didn't surprise me that they had so many girlfriends/boyfriends. After all, they were both amazingly good looking. But that wasn't the only thing, they also just seemed to have this pull that made you want to be with them. Or maybe it was just me. It was the strangest thing. Then again the Kardigans aren't exactly normal. I could never place my finger on it, but they were different. Exotic.

Everything about them screamed "Exotic"

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