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Waiting for the first champion to return from the maze was a drag. After thirty minutes of waiting, people started to get bored and Luna, Ginny and I decided to take a little walk to the edge of the Forbidden Forest. They filled me in on everything that was going on in the wizarding world, and I, in return, told them about my life with the muggles.
Eventually, Ginny and Luna got into an argument about Fantastic Beasts, and I just smiled and walked a little into the forest, listening to the sound of the trees.
‘You have finally returned, miss Katherine,’ a pair of black eyes stared at me from under a bush, ‘I don’t know if you remember me –’
‘Barry,’ I hissed, automatically switching to the snake language, ‘you’re still around.’
The snake slithered out from under the bush. The round-snouted head and neck were glossy black, but Barry had grown to an unbelievable size. Instead of the two metres long body that I used to know, I now saw a five metre long snake, with light-green scales. His fangs had grown to about seven centimetre each and he looked even more poisonous than he used to.
‘Off course, miss,’ the western Taipan draped himself around my neck, ‘I was waiting for your return. I have important information for you.’
‘Tell me,’ I said as I walked out of the forest again.
‘Harry Potter will die tonight,’ I stopped in my tracks and stared at him, ‘everything that happened this year. It’s his fault. There’s a Death Eater at school. He put Harry’s name in the goblet. The trophy they need to find tonight, it’s a portkey. It will take Harry straight to the Dark Lord. They’ll make sure Harry’s the first to touch the trophy.’
‘I need to warn Dumbledore,’ Barry slithered of my arms and stayed next to me as I ran towards Ginny and Luna. I ignored their questions and sped up, silently thanking Carrie and Christian for all the exercise they put me through.
‘Find Dumbledore,’ I said to Ginny and Luna as we ran onto the Quidditch field.
‘He’s at the jury table,’ Luna pointed. We started pushing through the crowd, but they only started to part when a girl yelled ‘Snake!’ like she had a personal vendetta with Barry. Students started panicking, others started pulling out their wands. I took out my own, levitated Barry into the air and pulled a protective shield around him.
‘Professor Dumbledore!’ I yelled, over the sounds of the crowd. Even though he was quit far away, he seemed to have heard me.
‘Silence!’ his voice reached the students and immediately everyone went quiet, looking up at him for instructions. I pushed through them, Barry floating behind me.
‘It’s a trap!’ I yelled as I got closer to the jury’s table, ‘the trophy, it’s a portkey!’
‘Get them out!’ Dumbledore’s voice rang over the grounds and the teachers started to spread out, pointing their wands at the maze. That’s when a bright blue light shot up from the centre of the maze and I realized we were too late. One of the champions had touched the trophy and there was nothing we could do to save them.

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