“Here comes goodbye”

Cold Spring's was a pretty small town, but with a ton of people. Our high school had about nine hundred kids. And about three hundred of them were in my sophomore class. So, our school had to be pretty big and so did the parking lot. Austin pulled into his usual spot. No matter how late we were nobody dared to steal that spot. Austin would throw a total tantrum if anyone did, he was pretty famous for those.

As we got out of the car everybody stared. We'd all been going to school together since first grade but nobody ever got tired of gawking at the Kardigan twins. As soon as Austin got out of the car he was swept up by his jockish friends and slutty cheerleading companions. My eyes zoned in on Julie Manderson.

She was attached to Austin's side immediately. She didn't wear a cheerleading uniform like the other Austin fans, though. She was 'too cool' to be a chearleader, which really just translated into 'too bitchy and stuck up.' Julie Manderson was everything you would expect somebody like Austin to want in a girlfriend. She had skin the color of mocha, devil red lips, billows of dark hair, a thin waist, and massive breasts.

I hated her for being so pretty (and slutty) and a part of me hated Austin for being so shallow. But it was a hatred that was too much work to maintain, and died quickly. Austin walked away, surrounded by his worshippers, with Julie clinging to his side. I rolled my eyes, and sighed.

Kate and I got out of the car and were engulfed by our friends. We talked and chatted and gossiped like always. Kate, and I were separated from our friends when we reached our homeroom Mr. Migory; the English teacher.

Kate and I gossiped in the back of the room as Mr. Migory did attendance. He rattled off names, seeming in a trance, and children lazily or shyly answered "here." Unless of course they were one of those show-offy kids who made a big thing out of it.

"Rebecca Callaway," he murmured.
"Here," I said lazily.

Sadly, that was me. Rebecca Callaway. Better known as 'that emo chick with the fine rack.' I also answered to 'the goth bitch with the killer legs' or 'Ken and Jake's little sister.' The first two were a combination compliment and insult, but the last one was just an insult. It bugged the living hell out of me; being known for my big shot older brothers who had more popularity then good sense.

"Kate Kardigan," he continued monotonously.
"Here," she said pleasantly, beaming a smile.

I always found it strange that Kate's full name was Kate. Not Kaitlyn, not Katherine. Just Kate. Strange, but you stopped dwelling on those things after a while.

English was a drag. Me, and Kate passed notes the entire time. Science was interesting. Tyler almost set the school on fire when he messed up some chemical formula. So that was pretty cool. History was, as always, the high point of my day because I sat next to Austin. Sure, I saw him all the time at his house. But I, unfortunatly, had a humongous crush on the guy so any extra time with him was much appreciated.

Our teacher had assigned us text book pages, everyone groaned. Except for me, of ourse, because that gave me more time to talk to Austin. As we worked we chattered.
"So Austin," I said casually, "How's Julie"

"Now do you mean in general or like in bed?" he asked, smirking.
"I meant in general," I specified.

"Oh, then fine I guess."
"Would your answer been different if I asked how she was in bed?" I wondered.

"Yes," he said, smirking devishly, "Yes it would."
"You're disgusting," I told him.

"Tell me something I don't know Callaway," he said easily, brushing his fair hair out of his face.
"There are 86,400 seconds in a day," I said.

"You see? I already knew that." Austin was a lot smarter then you'd expect him to be. He got straight A's across the board, despite never studying or doing homework. Still, sometimes it seemed like Austin was perfect. Good looking, star football player, smart. But then you throw in his awful temper, his tendency to get detention at least three times a week, and the fact that he's a man whore. Other then that though, he was a catch.

The rest of the day passed in total monotony. Spanish was dull because I don't have a clue what she's saying. Gym was repetitive. Lunch was pretty fun, but no different then normal. And Math was a riot because one of my good friends, Mandy, told our math teacher to 'fuck off.' She got sent to the office, but it was still pretty funny, well for me at least.

At the end of the day Kate and I walked out to the Mercedes. Austin wasn't around.

"Oh great," I said, "Now we gotta wait for him"
"Or we could break a window" Kate suggested.

"Yea, but then he would kill you" I teased "And then where would be?"
She laughed "Good point"

Kate and I perched ourselves on the hood of the Mercedes to wait.
We talked, ignoring the guys panting over Kate off to the side.

Austin and his 'clique' approached us.
"Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah." Austin said, rushing over to us "You don't sit on my car. Your lucky I let you sit in it"

"God" Kate said, as we got off the car "Chill out, drama queen"
Austin rolled his eyes and unlocked the car.

Me, and Kate had already slid into the back seat before I noticed.
Sitting in the passenger seat was none other then Julie Manderson.

Usually, just being near her makes me wanna claw something but this was different.
Austin never brought his girlfriends home.


Except when we was gonna dump them.
He always took them home to break the news.

Something an outsider would never notice.
So, Julie was clueless.

I felt a smug grin spreading across my lips.
At least, I won't have to deal with Julie anymore.

Austin drove out of the parking lot and was quickly speeding down out street.
Julie kept that air of bitchy betterness around her and it drove me nuts.

But it would be amusing to see the way her ego would deflate when Austin broke the news to her.
I always loved that part.

Once at the Kardigans me and Kate assituated ourselves in the living room to watch MTV.
Austin led Julie upstairs to his room.

In about 45 minutes she'd be coming down those stairs sobbing.
Just like all the others.

Sure enough, a little less then an hour had passed when Julie came running down the stairs.
Tears streaking her beautiful face.

She ran out the door.
Of course, being to stupid to realize she had no ride home.

Austin sauntered down the stairs a minute later.
Smiling contently.

"I see Julie got the boot" I said as he sat down on the couch next to us.
He shrugged "It just wasn't working out"

"You mean she reached the 1 month, 3 weeks, and 5 days mark?" Kate asked.
"Huh?" Austin asked.

"You dump all your girlfriends after dating them for exactly 1 month, 3 weeks and 5 days" Kate elaborated.
"Wow" I said "Is that like their expiration date or something?"

Austin rolled his eyes "It's just a coincidence"
"Pretty damn convenient" I muttered.

After eating Mrs. Kardigans delicious dinner of steak and potatoes Kate helped me with my homework.
Then, around 9, I headed back home.

Kate drove me in the crossover since it was pretty dark.
"See you later" she called as I stepped out.

"Bye" I said as she drove away.
As soon as I stepped through the door Ken and Jake where on my case.

I ignored them.

I went to my room and listed to my IPod till about 11.
Then fell asleep, feeling basically content.

Little did I know, that tomorrow everything I thought I knew would change.

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