I don't know why I thought following Austin would clear up this mess. I mean, what did I expect to find? Whatever I expected, it was most certainly not what I found. I walked to the school, keeping a low profile. When I got there I went straight for the football field. The team was practicing, but I didn't see Austin. The way he effortlessly kicked ass out there was usually pretty easy to spot.

I jogged down to the field. Nick, one of Austin's friends, was by the edge of the field. His dark brown hair was saturated with sweat, and his face was pinkish. He was guzzling down water.

"Nick!" I called.
"Oh, hey Callaway," Nick said breathlessly.
I rolled my eyes; why do guys always call people by their last name?

"Have you seen Austin anywhere?" I asked.
"Uh, yea. He said he had to get something from his locker," Nick said.

"Okay, thanks!" I said as I began to jog back up to the school.
I tried the front doors, locked.

I knew that the gym doors were open because of sports' practices. I rounded the corner to the gym doors, when I caught sight of Austin. I immediately jumped back, hiding behind the corner. I peaked out from my hiding spot to see Austin in the middle of an intense make-out session with Cassi Sanders.


But I didn't leave, I had to watch; whether it made me physically ill or not. Cassi had her back against the wall. She had her fingers intertwined in his hair and he had his arms around her waist. They were breathing really loud. Austin's lips moved down to Cassi's neck. At first, I thought he was giving her a hickey.

Cassi moaned in pleasure and buried her face in Austin's hair. After about ten minutes Austin pulled away from her neck. When he moved I could clearly see two little holes in Cassi's neck.
Blood was trickling out of them. Austin took a step away from Cassi. I could clearly see the blood on his lips. He smiled, and I could see fangs, that were sooo not there before.

"Forget," he whispered seductively.
Cassi looked mesmerized as she murmered, "Yes, whatever you say" in a dream like voice.
Austin draped Cassi's auburn hair over her shoulder to cover the bite mark. "Good, now go" he purred. She walked away, smiling to herself.

I had just noticed I was hyperventilating. I closed my eyes and slumped against the wall, hidden behind the corner. "Oh My God, Oh My God" I thought over and over again. Because I had come to a conclusion, the Kardigans were vampires. How could I have been so stupid? I mean, it was all right in front of me! The fact that they never ate, their paleness, their otherworldly beauty, their silver eyes, their overall perfectness with the underling current of danger. . . It was obvious! Well. . . if you had a wild imagination and one too many shots of Tequila. Because, no matter how well the pieces fit together, I could not make myself believe it.

I slowly opened my eyes.

To see Austin's face right in front of mine. I flinched back against the wall; he'd scared the living hell out of me. His wide silver eyes were staring into my eyes, searching for something.
He looked entirely focused, but I could sense some panic underneath it all. The blood was wiped from his lips and the fangs were gone, or at least not visible. But that didn't make me less startled.

"How much did you see," he demanded, abruptly.
Well, it's nice to see you too.

"Enough," I said, arrogantly. Well, I couldn't let him think I was intimidated.
"And what do you think," he asked tonelessly.

"I think you're a vampire," I said.
He didn't laugh in my face or call me crazy like I hoped he would.

"This is the part where you explain everything and tell me my imagination got away from me," I prompted.
He didn't say anything.

"So, it's true?" I whispered.
"Yes," he said, emotionless.

"Oh My God!" I babbled, panicking "Austin, does this-" He cut me off.
"First of all, that's not my real name, and second-" This time it was my turn to cut him off.

"Wait. Not your real name? Then what is your real name?"
He sighed, "My real name is Austeralgo, and Kate's real name is Hekate. We shortened them to blend in better."

I felt sick. Everything I thought I knew, I really didn't. I hadn't even known my best friends name! I couldn't stop myself from asking the rudest question that popped into my head.
"What kinds of names are those?"

"Greek," he said, "All immortals have greek names so it's easier for us to identify one another."
There were two things about what he said. First off, he said 'all' meaning there were more of them. And he said 'immortals' not Vampires. Meaning there were more 'mythical' creatures out there besides Vampires.

"Are you okay?" he asked, "Are you gonna like have a nervous breakdown or something?"
"No," I lied.

"Well, good. Cause you and me gotta go for a little drive and see some people that can help sort out this whole mess," he told me.
"Are we going to your house?" I asked.

"My house? Hell no. They'd kill me. No, we're going to see some friends of mine," Austin said.
"Okay, but you better not be planning to be bringing me as some kind of side-dish," I warned.

"Were not like that," he muttered, looking at the wall over my shoulder.
"Well, then what are you like?" I asked, gently.

"When it comes to vampires what you see is not what you get," he murmured.
"Good," I said, "Cause so far the only things I've seen are blood and fangs. And I definitely don't want those. . . Speaking of, did you always have fangs?"

He laughed a little. Then smiled, showing all his teeth. Nope, no fangs.
Then he said, "They're retractable," and then his two canine teeth grew. Pointing and jagged. Looking just like plastic vampire teeth. Only sharper, and whiter, and shinier, and deadlier.

"Oh," I said, startled.
He laughed, but the strain didn't leave his face.

"Okay. . . but what about all the other things," I babbled, "Like, aren't vampires supposed to be. . . I don't know, immortal? But you've been aging since I met you. And I thought vampires couldn't have kids. And you have parents so. . . And shouldn't Cassi be a vampire now? You bit her. And how are you out in the sun right now?"

He laughed. It made things seem more normal, except that his fangs were still in place.
"Well, most myths about vampires are somewhat true," Austin said ,"Like, the kid thing. You see, there are two types of vampires-"

He stopped, and tilted his head to the side, listening. I listened too. At first I didn't hear anything, but after a second I could hear the sounds of football players' booming laughter approaching us. Austin's face became very alert.

"We have to go," he said, and his fangs began to retract.
"What?" I teased, "You don't want your buddies to know your the Quarter Back Of The Undead?"

He rolled his eyes and then began to pull me towards the parking lot.
"Shouldn't you be having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or something?" he said, "Or feinting? That would be helpful. . . "
"You'd be surprised how much I can handle," I murmured.

"Well, c'mon let's go," he said ,"I'll explain the rest in the car"
"Mhm," I mumbled.

I let Austin lead me to his thoughts were swirling in my stress level was rising like a bizzilion times faster then it ever should. My best friend was a vampire. The guy I had the biggest crush on drank girls' blood while making out with them. And I was being taken to a group of immortals, very possibly like a bottle of wine. Not to mention, I had a huge science test the next day.

I felt sick.

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