Well, isn't this lovely?
I'm in a bad neighborhood in a supernatural city. . . what could possibly go wrong?

Oh wait, everything.

I had to think of a way to not be. . . well, killed.
Well first, I decided, I would have to find a place where nobody could sneak up on me.

Where I could think, and be relativly safe.
I crossed the road and entered a wide alley.

It was empty.

A few trash cans were placed along the edges, and newspapers were drifting along the floor, but other then that it was empty.
I leaned against the brick wall.

Feeling safer now, because nobody could grab me from behind.
I closed my eyes and tried to think of a plan.

I couldn't count on Austin finding me, he didn't eve know where I was.
Maybe it was stupid to run from Yorie.

But their was something in those dark brown eyes that I didn't trust.
Now, that could be because she's some form if immortal being. . . or because I'm becoming paranoid.

Either way.
I stood there, thinking, for only a few minutes when I heard a voice close to me.

And then I realized the voice was talking to me.
"Now, how did you get in here?" the voice asked in a syrupy sweet voice.

I opened my eyes.
Standing in front of me was a young girl, one of them.

She looked about twelve, but I had a feeling she wasn't actually. Their was something sinister in those deep violet eyes that was too cruel for a child. She had skin the color of mocha and cream. Her dark mahogony colored hair fell on waves down her back. She was tiny, even shorter then Kate. She had a round pretty face, that I immediatly distrusted.

"What do you mean?" I asked, playing dumb. I knew that she knew I was a human.
"Silly human. Don't you know it is pointless to lie to one of us?" she laughed.

That laughter made me realize what she was.
Her laughter was like a baby's giggling, too soft and sweet.

A pixie, I realized.

"I don't have a clue what your talking about. Now leave you little midget" I hissed, hoping the antagonism would make it convicible.
"I just wanna know your name" she cooed, too innocently.

"It's R-" I stopped short.
Austin's voice ringing in my ears

"No immortal would have a name like Rebecca."

"Rala" I lied.
"Rala" she mused "Now tell me, Rala, what are you exactly?"

"Whats it to you" I spat.
"Just curious. . .and if you won't tell me then maybe you can show me" she said grinning devishly.

Then she lunged at me.

I was trapped against the wall.
She danced around me, hitting and punching.

"Show me what you can do" she taunted.
I had to do something, she was kicking the crap out of me.

So, I did the only thing I could do.
I fought back, thrashing blindly.

I kicked, screamed, punched, hit, and things of that nature.
Sometimes I hit her, and sometimes I missed.

She seemed confused.
I doubted their was an immortal in the world who fought back like this.


The pixie stopped attacking.
I opened my eyes and looked for thee owner of the voice.

I looked at the entrance to the alley.
Austin was there.

His teeth were bared, fangs exsposed.
He was fuming, silver eyes blazing.

The pixie looked startled and then composed her feautres into a smugly annoyed exspression.
"And of course a vamp spoils my fun, as always" she muttered.

"Get the hell outta here you little scum bag" Austin snarled.
"So rude" she tisked.

"Now!" he shouted.
"Alright, alright" she said, backing away from me "God, you vamps are such hot-heads."

She began walking deeper into the alley.
Austin ran up to me and stood in front of mr, watching her retreating form.

"Good riddens ya little fucked up dwarf" he muttered.
She spun around, but didn't approach us.

"Uck" she moaned "Thats so typical vamp behavior. Always thinking your better then everyone else."
"Just get the hell outta here while you still can" Austin hissed in disgust "If you don't I'll do the world a favor, and get rid of you myself."

"Okay, okay" she agreed, rolling her eyes.
She gave us one last look.

I could tell she still wasn't conviced I was immortal.
Then she looked at Austin.

Her purple eyes widened.
"Hey, wait a minute" she said, skwinting as if to get a better look "I know who you are. Your-"

"LEAVE!" Austin thundered.

I had never seen someone so infuriated.
The pixies eyes widened and she ran off.

He turned to me. "You alright?" he asked, too casually for my tastes though.
"Im fine" I promised.

"Good. . . I thought I told you to stay put" he said, silver eyes narrowing.
I shrugged "Yorie invited me inside" I shrugged "And you told me not to make contact with anyone, so I ran."

"Breaking the other rule I gave you" he added.
I shrugged "It was one or the other."

"Whatever" he sighed "We don't have time for this"
"Kay, did you find . . . ugh Domingo?" I asked.

"No" he mumbled "I decided to look for him in Ate, but then I heard you screaming"
"Oh. . . well thanks for saving me" I muttered akwardly.

"No problem" he said casually "Damned pixies have no respect for anyone. . ."
"Yea I could tell" I said "What was she talking about before. . . when she said she knew you. . ."

He looked uncomfortable.
He opened his mouth to speak buy was cut off by a silky purr.

"I see the golden boys returned"

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