My head spun around, trying to find the speaker.
I looked at both sides of the alley.


I looked up.
Their was a woman standing on top of a building.

I couldn't exactly see what she looked like from up there, but I could see her dark hair flying around her in the wind.
"Vesper" Austin snarled.

She jumped down in one fluid movement.
I could see her clearly now.

She was gorgeous. She was tall and wore a black leather jumpsuit like outfit. She had long dark hair that fell around her shoulders. Her face was perfect. He had devil-red lips and wide dark eyes. Their was an extra something, though. She had an air of a huntress around her, a deadly predator. That made her seem dangerous, and we all know how guys like that.

"Aussie, baby" she purred "Where you been all this time?"
"Isnt it obvious?" Austin snapped "I was avoiding you."

"Ow, that hurts Aussie, it really does" she said with mock hurt.
"What do you want Vesper" he hissed.

"I heard you were in the neighborhood and I decided to come find you" she said in her silky voice.
She was coming closer to us, she was a mere 5 feet away.

"Great, you saw me. Now go" Austin growled.
"Now Austin" she purred "Thats not very hospitabal, now is it? You didn't even introduce me to your freind over there" she flashed a sneaky smile at me.

"This is Rala" Austin said through clenched teeth.
"Hello, Rala" Vesper greeted me, smiling with false sweetness "I'm Vesper"

"It's nice to meet you" I muttered the obvious lie.
"Likewise" Vesper said.

"Great" Austin hissed "Now that were all buddy-buddy, you can leave. Rala, and I have some buisness to attend to"
"Of course you do" she purred, slightly sarcastically "I mean, why else would Austin be back in Hades?"

"Exactly" Austin growled, ignoring the sarcasm.
"Well, the thing is, this isn't purely a social call" Vesper cooed "Words been spreadin that you were back in Hades. . .and thats a big deal, since nobodys seen in you in over a year. . ."

"Your point" Austin snapped.
"Tora and the gang are lookin for ya Aussie" she told him.

"I'll go see them when I get the chance" he hissed.
"You seem a little tense today Aussie, is something wrong" she cooed seductivly.

"I'm fine" he snapped "Except the Alpha-Whore won't leave me alone."
Vesper only laughed tolerantly.

"You always had such a temper" she said indulgently.
"Go" Austin ordered.

"Now Aussie" Vesper said seductivly "Surely, you don't mean that"
"I do" Austin growled "Now leave"

She came even closer.

She carresed his face.
"You know you don't want me to" she purred.

Austin growled, and swatted her hand away.
But Zesper would move, bitch never gives up. . .

"Jesus, Austin" I muttered "Is their a bimbo in the world you havent dated?"
"Vesper's dark eyes narrowed at me.

"Shut it, you little blood donor" Vesper hissed.
"Hey!" Austin snapped "She is not my blood donor!"

"Whatever you say, Aussie" she hissed tauntingly.
"Where leaving" Austin hissed at me "Now. C'mon, Rala"

Austin headed for the mouth of the alley.
I followed behind him closely.

"Don't walk away from me, Austeralgo" she growled, it was the only time she'd ever called him by his real name.
When she said that, the streets of Ate suddenly got quiet, as if everyone was anxiously listening.

Austin ran up to Zeper.
He stood toe-to-toe with her.

"Don't tell me what to do, Vesper" he growled.
"Oh" she hissed sarcastically "So now, Aussie doesn't want his ex, telling him what to do?"

"Shut up, Vesper!" Austin shouted "Just leave me the fuck alone! Or, I swear to God, I'll kill you"
She laughed spitefully "With what? The blue fire? You, and I both know you won't. You have unbelivable gifts and your wasting them"

I didn't have a clue what she was prattling about.
But Austin did.

"That is it!" he growled.
Then he lunged at her.

He tackled her to the alley floor. A crowd begun to gether at the the mouth of the alley.
They were cheering and screamng like this was some kind of anticipated wrestling match.

Vesper kicked Austin off and he slammed into the alley wall.
Bricks crumbled off the side.

Before Austin could recover Vesper pinned him to the wall.
"Leave me alone, Vesper" Austin snarled "I'll kill you if I have to, I swear ill do it Vesper."

"Then do it" she challenged "Use your special powers and fry me."
He growled in fustration.

She tapped him on the nose with her index finger
"Thats what I thought, Aussie" she said in a baby voice.

Austin looked like he was gonna strangle her.
I hoped he would.

I noticed Austin had a ct on his lip and was bleeding.
Odd, I didn't know vampires could bleed. Then again, I didn't know much about vampires.

Vesper leaned in closer to him. "C'mon Aussie" she purred "You can do better then that, I'm sure."
"Just leave us alone" Austin hissed.

"Oh don't think, I didnt forget about your blood donor over their" Vesper cooed smugly.
"Shes not my blood donor!" Austin screamed.

He was on the verge of one of his major temper tantrums.
This could not end well.

"You always had such a temper" Vesper mused "but you were always so cute, Aussie."
Austin growled in fury, but stood motionless as Vesper pinned him.

"He's not even trying!" I thought.
"At least try and fight back!"

"Dont. Call. Me. That." Austin hissed through gritted teeth.
"You know you like it" she purred as she leaned in closer to him.

Then she licked the blood off his lips.

I saw red.
I was so entirely pissed that I couldn't form a coeherent thought.

I screamed in blistering, irrational, and wordless fury.
Nobody payed any attention to my screeching.

Without warning, two glass windows on the building next to us shattered.
I wondered if someone had thrown a rock or something.

I looked at Austin.
He didnt seem to have even noticed the window, he loooked embarrassed, astounded, and furious.

Austin ripped his hands out of her grip and shoved her forward, hard.
She crashed into the opposite wall.

"Haha!" I thought victouriously.
"Take that bitch!"

She recovered, and stalked back towards him.
They began fighting intensly. The onlookers cheered loudly.

Austin and Vesper were biting, clawing, and lunging.
Austin seemed to have the upper hand.

Although, he seemed tired, sort of drained.
I wondered if he was thirsty.

Vesper pinned Austin's arms behind his back.
But he pulled his arms out of her grip with ease.

"You always were a lousy fighter" Austin hissed.
That seemed to piss her off

"Lets end this now, Aussie" she growled.

Then she curled in on herself and black fur shot out.
In one second she had transformed into a large black panther.

"Holy shit!" I thought in shock.

It stalked towards Austin, snarling.
It lunged at Austin but he swatted it away with his arm.

Vesper the shapeshifting panther collided with the wall with a sort of yelp.
But she recovered and came back for more.

Right as she was about to lunge at him again a large wolf dropped from the sky between them.
It was large, and had chocolate brown fur. It was about the size of a Great Dane, only thicker and fluffier.

It stood in between Austin and the panther.
It was standing in front of Austin, facing the panther with it's teeth bared.

"Protecting him" I thought numbly.

The wolf launched at Vesper.
The two animals began fighting savagly.

They were snapping and clawing, and biting.
The wolf bit into Vespers shoulder.

The panther made a scream like sound.
It limped away from the wolf.

Vesper growled once.
Then stalked away into the alley, defeated.

The crowd called taunts after her.
Then chortling to themselves they left, off to do more crimes, I was sure.

I looked at Austin.
He had an exspression of agitated annoyance.

The large wolf turned to Austin.
Then I blinked.

And missed the whole transformation.

Suddenly their was aboy instead of a wolf.
He was smiling.

He had short black hair, and warm brown eyes.
He was mildly tan, a little tanner then me.

He was tall, and musclely.
And, somehow fully clothed.

I wondered, how that was possible.

"How's it going, Austin?" he asked casualy.
"You were here" Austin moaned "I've been looking all over Hades for you, Domingo, and your here"

"Yep" he said.
"Ugh" Austin groaned.

"Thanks for saving me, Domingo" Domingo muttered to himself, speaking for Austin and himself "No prob, Austin, what are former body gaurds for?"
"Thanks Domingo" Austin said grudinginly "But I'll have you know, I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself"

"I know" Domingo said "But the point is, your not supposed to have to. But, since you dropped off the face of the Earth a year ago, it's been kinda of impossibe"
Austin just nodded.

"Especially after what happended last time" Domingo ranted "I mean, after that, it was even more important for the Council to know what was going on with you. That wasn't a good time to run away, Austin. You should of stayed in Hades, even though thats where it happended last time, you would of been safer here. Everyone thought that you joined the Arthasians. They will be so glad to here that you didn't! I mean, and now we can make sure the Arthasians don't get the blue fire and-"

"Give it a rest, Domingo" Austin moaned angerly.
Domingo nodded.

I didn't have a clue what they were talking about.

Why would Austin need a bodygaurd? Who the hell are the Arthasians? What happended last time Austin was in Hades?
Why does 'The Council' care about what's going on with Austin? Why did Austin run away? And whats all this talk about blue fire?

So many questions, and so few answers.

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