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Hier ben ik weer! Ik hoop dat jullie fantastische feestdagen gehad hebben. Ik ben alvast klaar om er weer volledig in te vliegen en weer elke woensdag en in het weekend te schrijven!

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When Dumbledore pushed open the door, I saw Mrs. Weasley, Bill, Ron, and Hermione grouped around a harassed looking Madam Pomfrey. They appeared to be demanding to know where Harry was and what had happened to him. All of them whipped around as we entered, and Mrs. Weasley let out a kind of muffled scream.
‘Harry! Oh Harry!’ She started to hurry toward him, but Dumbledore moved between them.
‘Molly,’ he said, holding up a hand, ‘please listen to me for a moment. Harry has been through a terrible ordeal tonight. He has just had to relive it for me. What he needs now is sleep, and peace, and quiet. If he would like you all to stay with him,’ he added, looking around at Ron, Hermione, and Bill too, ‘you may do so. But I do not want you questioning him until he is ready to answer, and certainly not this evening.’
Mrs. Weasley nodded. She was very white. She rounded on Ron, Hermione, and Bill as though they were being noisy, and hissed, ‘Did you hear? He needs quiet!’
‘Headmaster,’ said Madam Pomfrey, staring at the great black dog that was Sirius, ‘may I ask what — ?’
‘This dog will be remaining with Harry for a while,’ said Dumbledore simply. ‘I assure you, he is extremely well trained. Harry — I will wait while you get into bed. I will be back to see you as soon as I have met with Fudge, Harry,’ said Dumbledore. ‘I would like you to remain here tomorrow until I have spoken to the school. Katherine, it might be better if you stay for a little while. We’ll need to discuss what to do next.’
I nodded and he left. As Madam Pomfrey led Harry to a nearby bed, I caught sight of the real Moody lying motionless in a bed at the far end of the room. His wooden leg and magical eye were lying on the bedside table.
‘Is he okay?’ I asked.
‘He’ll be fine,’ said Madam Pomfrey. Ron and Hermione looked at me expectantly. They wanted to hear what had happened. But this wasn’t my story to tell, so I just smiled and looked away.
When Harry got into bed we went around the screen and settled ourselves in chairs on either side of him. Ron and Hermione were looking at him almost cautiously, as though scared of him.
‘I’m all right,’ he told them. ‘Just tired.’
Mrs. Weasley’s eyes filled with tears as she smoothed his bedcovers unnecessarily. Madam Pomfrey, who had bustled off to her office, returned holding a small bottle of some purple potion and a goblet.
‘You’ll need to drink all of this, Harry,’ she said. ‘It’s a potion for dreamless sleep.’ Harry took the goblet and drank a few mouthfuls.
Without saying another word, he drifted to sleep.
‘I should probably go,’ I whispered, after a moment of silence in which Mrs. Weasley sobbed quietly. ‘I need to talk to Dumbledore for a moment.’
The black dog growl loudly. His nails tapped the floor as he walked up to me and put his paw on my knee, pushing me back into the chair.
‘Siri-’ I caught myself. The dog growled again and I nodded. ‘Fine, I’ll stay.’
The skies turned black as we sat there and somewhere during that time, Mrs. Weasley stopped crying and Ron fell asleep, snoring like a banshee. Hermione just stared at Harry’s glasses, her hands trembling in her lap.
I was just getting comfortable in my chair, wanting to get some sleep before the night was over, when loud voices sounded from the corridors. Ron woke up with a start.
‘They'll wake him if they don't shut up!’ Hermione hissed
‘What are they shouting about? Nothing else can have happened, can it?’ Ron rubbed his eyes. Mrs. Weasley was on her feet.
‘That's Fudge's voice,’ she whispered. ‘And that's Minerva McGonagall's, isn't it? But what are they arguing about?’

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