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My name is Hera O’Gorman, if I’m looking back on my life. I can honestly say I had never imagined it to go the way it did. Every girl has big dreams, every girl wants to make the best of her life and live the dream. But not every girl gets the chance to do so. If somebody offered me the chance to go back in time and change certain moments in life, I would definitely agree to it. Don’t get me wrong I don’t really have regrets of the way my life went, I only wish I could make some changes for those who lived in it, with me.
I was only 11 years old when my life was drastically changed forever. Until that time I always lived a peaceful life in Auckland, New Zealand, together with my parents and older brothers. My parents Lance and Christine O’Gorman were artists. Well my dad was an artist he painted landscapes, my mom was a typical house mom who took care of our family. My two older brothers, Dean and Brett were actors. I was the little spoiled brat of the family, going to a good private school, getting good grades. My brothers always protected me from bad guys and kept me away from nasty situations. Until one day.
In just one day my whole life changed and not for the better. If it hadn’t been for Dean, my life would have stopped at the age of 11. Luckily my brother wasn’t ready to give up on me just yet, and so I slowly took my life back into my hands. I learned to fight, I learned to laugh, I learned to love.

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