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Wauw hier ben ik eindelijk nog eens, ik woon sinds februari alleen met mijn vriend en we hadden geen internet in ons huis tot nu dus, vanaf nu zal ik regelmatig hoofdstukken posten dus abonneren maar!

I woke up again when someone entered the room and sat on the side of my bed. I tried to open my eyes a bit, but all I could see was a hand laying on top of my head softly brushing through my hair. ‘You can sleep Hera’ Dean spoke ‘Will you read to me?’ I quietly asked him while closing my eyes again. I could feel Dean’s surprised look burning down on me, eventually he stood up ‘What book do you want me to read?’ he asked ‘The Hobbit’ I said without a doubt, having a cheeky smile on my lips. The Hobbit meant a lot to us, all of Tolkien’s books did, we grew up with them. When I was little my parents our brothers would always read the books to me, we’d be playing characters from the books like Fili and Kili. I always played an elf girl since there weren’t many women in the books.
While Dean sat down next to me again I was still smiling thinking about the good old times, Dean let out a short laugh too before opening the book and reading it to me: ‘In a hole under the ground there lived a hobbit…’ he began. The story seemed to swallow me up at once, in only a second I felt like a hobbit in the shire. Letting go of my fear and finding peace in my troubled mind I followed Dean in every word he spoke. When he finished the first chapter he closed the book and stoop up. ‘Please come with me Hera, Fili needs you, I promise I’ll be the best Fili there is as long as this princess is coming with me.’ Dean whispered in my ear before placing the book on my night table. After he left the room I swiftly fell back asleep, that night I dreamt about the hobbit, New Zealand, and my big brother as Fili the dwarf prince.
When I woke up the next morning I took the book from the night table into my hands and carefully walked downstairs. ‘So when are we leaving Fili?’ I asked my brother who was eating breakfast at the kitchen table. Dean immediately looked up from his newspaper with a surprised look in his eyes ‘Are you for real? Will you come with me?’ he asked in disbelief whereby I shrugged. ‘Why not, you know I’m getting tired of living in my room, being alone and sad all the time’ I mumbled where after Dean jumped off his chair and pulled me in his arms, hugging me tight. ‘Wow take it easy brother, I’m just going with you. I still want to do my own thing there and stuff’ I said but Dean barely listened. ‘Of course, of course no problem! It’s going to be great I promise you! I’ll be right there when you need me!’ Dean said in a sincerely happy tone.
‘We’ll be leaving in a month, it’ll be summer, we can go to the beach there, get to know each other around the bonfire or something’ Dean started dreaming already, luckily I was there to get him back to reality before he completely drifted away ‘Dean, I do not need any meetings okay? Just let me be myself okay?’ I mumbled whereby he quickly nodded ‘Yea sure, sorry, I was just getting a bit too enthusiastic, it’s because of the stress’ he explained where after I nodded and grabbed a banana and a yoghurt as breakfast before going back to my room.
The next month passed by slower than ever. The last ten years had felt like eternity to me, but now that I finally had something to look forward to I felt time slowly ticking by more than ever. I had already packed my bags two weeks before we would be leaving, I read all my Tolkien books over and over again. Watched the Lord of The Rings movies with Brett. I even tried to do some exercising, maybe I would for once be able to thank myself for that once I climbed some mountains exploring New Zealand. If I did have to leave this house then I should at least make the best of it and try to go on as many hikes as possible. I lived in such a beautiful country and I hadn’t even seen 10% of it!
It’s not that I never liked going on hikes, I just never could. Since the day my parents died and I almost died, I physically couldn’t take the long hikes anymore. Even the simple exercises I did in my room demanded my full concentration and even let to unbearably pains in my chest. At least I knew I was still alive that way.
After preparing myself for some adventure and even worse a lot of human contact, I could honestly say I was ready to go. I was stressed out about it, didn’t know what to expect, but I was never more ready. The past month had given me a lot of time to think, and I had been thinking a lot. Mostly about the way I had been hiding myself for the past ten years, if it wasn’t for Dean and Brett I would have been nothing more then a ghost to this world. I hadn’t felt alive in the past ten years and the worst part it all, I didn’t even mind. I was totally fine acting like I was a zombie, telling myself I was dead but didn’t know it yet, I wasn’t dead at all and it was time to make up for that.

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