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The day of our departure Dean came to pick me up early in the morning. After putting my bags in the car I walked into the house one more time, just to take in all the details one more time. I wanted to feel the soft grey fabric of the curtains, the cold hard surface of our marble kitchen table, and one last look upon my old room where I spent the last ten years of my life. After that I said goodbye to Brett with a long hug and a kiss on his cheek. Dean promised him to take good care of me and then it was time to get in the car and get to the airport. Sarah, Dean’s girlfriend was driving the car, she would come visit us in Wellington as much as possible, but she couldn’t move there with us since she had a job here. On the airport I gave Sarah a hug before giving her some time to say goodbye to Dean for a while. A lot of kisses and hugs later Dean and I walked pasted the security, waved at Sarah one more time and then left to our gate to catch our plane. I hadn’t been on a plane ever since the trip with mom and dad. I expected I’d feel bad about it, or even get emotional sitting in my chair. Weirdly I simply felt nothing at all. I just sat down by the window and looked at the airport not feeling anything else apart from the stress I had felt the past month. Dean carefully grabbed my hand while sitting next to me. ‘Are you okay?’ he asked, I gave him a quick nod before I squeezed his hand in mine. ‘I’m fine’ I said looking back outside. The flight didn’t last long, in less then an hour the plane began the landing and soon we were waiting for our luggage so we could go to the exit and meet up with the first few crewmembers. I could tell Dean was nervous, even possibly more nervous than I which was quite unusual. I had felt people staring at me ever since we stepped into the airport of Auckland, I tried to hide myself into my black clothing. Tried to become some kind of void, I wished to be invisible. I kept my scar hidden behind my scarf or tried to keep my head down so my hair would cover my face. I was hideous and yet here I was trying to comfort my brother who was suddenly all nervous about this movie and meeting his new cast members. I did understand this was a big step in his career, and this role meant a lot to him as he had always played the role of Fili since he was a kid. Still I didn’t think it was necessary to be so nervous about it, I knew he was a great actor and he would do great, he should be a little more confident about it himself. After we both got our luggage back we walked towards the exit ‘Let the adventure begin’ I laughed to break the ice a bit. Dean smiled as we walked through the exit looking out for fellow cast members or a sign. I was the first one who saw a guy with black curly hair, brown eyes and a sigh saying Fili O’Gorman. I had to admit it made me laugh a little which made Dean gave me a questioning look before realizing what I was laughing at and walking towards the guy himself. ‘Are you my brother?’ the guy asked when he saw us coming towards him Dean laughed and nodded ‘I guess so, if you’re Kili at least?’ he answered which made the guy jump up and down and hug Dean ‘Well hey there! This is great, we’re going to be the best team! So glad you’re here!’ he said before letting go Dean again ‘Oh I am Aidan by the way! Aidan turner!’ he said ‘I am Dean, and this is my sister Hera!’ Dean now said which made Aidan look over to me. I didn’t want to be impolite, so I didn’t try to hide myself from him, I was already prepared to see his shocked face as he saw mine. Yet the shock didn’t seem to come, he didn’t even flinch at the sight of my face. Instead he just began talking to me ‘Well hello, mystical goddess Hera, it is a pleasure to meet you!’ he spoke and carefully took my hand to kiss it what made me look a bit awkward. I didn’t dare to say anything about it so I just smiled my typical half smile as the left side of my face refused to cooperate ‘Nice to meet you too!’
After this quick and way too enthusiastic meeting Aidan brought us to the parking where the one and only Andy Serkis was waiting for us. ‘No way’ I muttered standing still for a moment. After Aidan introduced Dean I saw them searching for me so I quickly went to stand alongside my brother again introducing myself to the great Andy Serkis. ‘It so nice to meet you sir, I must admit I love your work, the acting, directing, you’re great at everything you do!’ I said which made Dean and Aidan laugh. I threw an angry look at my brother as he clearly didn’t realise this was an important meeting to me and I wanted to make a good first impression. Luckily Andy understood me and offered me a firm handshake. ‘Hera, well that’s so nice to hear, I’m glad to meet you, come get in the car I’ll take you to set so we don’t have to hang out with these dummies for too long’ he said pointing at Dean and Aidan which made me laugh out loud. ‘Great idea sir!’ I answered but Andy shook his head ‘No, no dear, you call me Andy!’ he said. With a quick nod and a smile I stepped into the car trying to remember all the questions I ever had in mind for Andy. This was my chance to ask away, or maybe not today. I would get to spent a lot more time with him, or at least that’s what I hoped so I decided to save my questions for later on.

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