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Going back to the Ravenclaw tower for the first time in two years was probably the hardest thing I had ever done. Not physically, because after working three jobs, year round, for two years, I actually got into shape. But mentally, I had never faced a harder challenge.
I hadn’t decided what to do yet: come back to Hogwarts or stay at Castle Combe, but Dumbledore had decided that it was better for me to stay for the night, close to my friends and Harry. Besides, I wasn’t leaving without saying goodbye to everybody.
My thought went to Jason Niche, the prefect in my first year, with his sandy blond hair and his quirky, cute smile. He would be in his seventh year now, probably still bullying Ravenclaws that weren’t walking the line, like me. And Nancy Quinnelly, the other prefect, who seemed to think that the world only existed from good and evil, and that there was no in-between. I thought about Terry Boot, who had once told me that I was an asset to Ravenclaw and defended me in front of the common room. I tried to think of more positive memories, the good things that had happened in my first year at Hogwarts. I could only think of a few at first: my friendship with Luna and finding the cave. But as I walked higher up the stairs, more came to mind: saving Ginny, listening to Barry sing, talking to Harry, Ron and Hermione, the library, professor Flitwick in all his enthousiasm, professor Snape’s growl when I answered his questions correct. The list was endless and although I loved Castle Combe and I had great memories there too, I just never felt more at home then at Hogwarts. This was what I had dreamed of all my life, and although it hadn’t been like I thought it would be, I still loved my time here.
“My first is a creature whose breeding is unclear. My second, a price you must pay. My whole can be found in the river of Time and refers to events of today. What am I?” the eagle asked after I knocked.

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